Complement to V/127A

PN G001.5-02.4
short red
Color image of PN G001.5-02.4
Short red image from SuperCosmos (FITS)
Hα image from SuperCosmos (FITS)

Usual Name  PHR1758-2852
J2000  17 58 49.2-28 52 56
B1950  268.9107-28.8789
Galactic  1.5180-2.4586

Status  True PN Size  14.0×13.0'' Morphology  Er Small, approximately circular ring PN; also observed FL120899, 6D220701, [NII] 0.5xH-alpha
Field  HA711 Exposure  HA18026
Spectrum of PN G001.5-02.4 PN G001.5-02.4 Simbad  ⋅   Aladin          Telescope: FL      Date: 1999-07-09