Complement to VII/239A

NGC 4119

= IC 3011 (which see) is also probably NGC 4124 as suggested by Dreyer in WH's Scientific Papers. WH's final position is just 50 arcmin south of N4124, and there are no other bright galaxies nearby that he might have picked up.

It is worth noting, too, that this is one of his early discoveries (18 Jan 1784). Many other of his nebulae and clusters found during the winter of 1783-84 (his first season of sweeping) have relatively poor positions (see e.g. NGC 4153 and NGC 6533). Dreyer notes that N4124 already has two certain numbers in WH's lists, I 33 and II 60. The positions for these observations are better, but are still enough different – along with the differing descriptions "B, L, ..." and "F, S" – that WH listed them separately.

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