Complement to VII/239A

NGC 295

is lost. This object was found by Copeland with LdR's 72-inch reflector while he was examining what he thought was NGC 296. His description of the field is precise: "[NGC 296] F, R, *10m (yellow) Pos 29.6 deg, Dist 123.1 arcsec. Nova [NGC 295], S, R, and with a * or another neb 10 arcsec n. Pos from [296] 242.0 deg, Dist 314.6 arcsec or 21.6 seconds p, 147.6 arcsec s." Unfortunately, this configuration of objects is nowhere to be found near

NGC 296

(which see for more).

I've searched the POSS1 +30 deg 00h 52m field, but could find no galaxies with neighboring stars as Copeland describes. Perhaps a search of the adjacent fields would turn up something.

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