Complement to VII/239A

IC 1907

= NGC 1278 = GC 675 = Big 375 = d'Arrest 56. Bigourdan has this in his fourth list of new nebulae (= Big 375), but in his final publication, he includes the measurements for it under the number NGC 1278. He has this note for the object: "This nebula has been listed under the number GC 674 by Lord Rosse, and in the NGC. It is this that led me to at first suppose that it was a new nebula."

Thus, it is clear that Bigourdan was misled by the typo (or misidentification?) in Lord Rosse's observations and in the NGC. Just as clearly, he found the problem during preparation for publication of his data. The positions for NGC 1278 and IC 1907 are close enough to confirm the identity.

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