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VII/74A             Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies    (Arp 1966)

Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies Arp H.C. <Astrophys. J. Suppl. Ser. 14, 1 (Table 2) (1966)> =1966ApJS...14....1A
ADC_Keywords: Atlases ; Galaxy catalogs Description: This electronic version of Arp's 1966 "Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies" contains only its Table 2 published in the Astrophysical Journal Supplement. File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file table2 90 338 Redshifts for galaxies ordered by RA
Byte-by-byte Description of file: table2
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 2 I2 h RAh Right Ascension 1970 (hours) 4- 7 F4.1 min RAm Right Ascension 1970 (minutes) 8 A1 --- pPos [)] A closing parenthesis when the original position is parenthesized (APG 238) 12 A1 --- DE- Declination 1970 (sign) 13- 14 I2 deg DEd Declination 1970 (degrees) 16- 17 I2 arcmin DEm Declination 1970 (minutes) 21- 23 I3 --- APG [1/338] Arp's number 28- 43 A16 --- Name Designation 46- 90 A45 --- Redshifts Values of the redshift with references detailed below
References: 1: Humason M.L., Mayall N.U., Sandage A.R., =1956AJ.....61...97H 4: de Vaucouleurs G., de Vaucouleurs A., 1964, Ref. Cat. of Bright Galaxies (Univ. Texas Press, Austin) (RC1) Vorontsov-Velyaminov B.A., Arkhipova V.P., 1964 "Morphological Catalogue of Galaxies", Moscow <CDS Catalogue: VII/62A> 13: Burbidge E.M., Burbidge G.R., =1959ApJ...130...15B 22: Burbidge E.M., Burbidge G.R., =1964ApJ...140.1307B 23: Burbidge E.M., Burbidge G.R., =1964ApJ...140.1617B See also: VII/170 : "Catalogue of Southern Peculiar Galaxies and Associations", by Arp H.C. and Madore B.F., 1987, Cambridge Univ. Press Historical Notes: * March 1986: Catalogue prepared at CDS * 14-Sep-1995 (version A): documentation added at CDS, a few errors in Arp number corrected. In particular, Table 2 indicates a wrong number for galaxy at 02h37.4 +18 15 which is No.258 (instead of No.254)
(End) Francois Ochsenbein [CDS] 14-Sep-1995
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