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VI/66  Precession Formulae and Mean Elements for Moon and Planets (Simon+ 1994)

Numerical expressions for precession formulae and mean elements for the Moon and the planets. Simon J.L., Bretagnon P., Chapront J., Chapront-Touze M., Francou G., Laskar J. <Astron. Astrophys. 282, 663 (1994)> =1994A&A...282..663S
ADC_Keywords: Ephemerides Keywords : celestial mechanics - planets and satellites: general - Moon Authors' Address: Bureau des Longitudes, URA 707. 77, Avenue Denfert-Rochereau 75014, Paris, France. Description: The files given here refer to the paper A&A 282, 663 (1994) which concerns the following topics: - numerical expressions for the precession quantities, - mean elements for Moon and planets, from Mercury to Neptune, - formulae for computing approximate ephemerides for Moon and planets. The files concern only precession and approximate ephemerides of the planets. The numerical expressions of precession are yielded by files : prctable.doc, prcbdl94.f, prcupdt.f. The formulae for computing approximate ephemerides of the planets are available in file : planetap.f. There is no file for the mean elements of Moon and planets because these quantities are of a more specific use. Approximate lunar ephemerides may be computed from tables in: Chapront-Touze M., Chapront J. (1991) "Lunar Tables and Programs from 4000 B.C. to A.D. 8000" Willmann-Bell, Inc., Richmond, Virginia, USA. File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file. prctable.doc 80 146 Table of precession quantities BDL94. prcbdl94.f 80 268 *Fortran77 code : compute precession quantities with formulae BDL94. prcupdt.f 80 467 *Fortran77 code : improve the numerical expressions of precession BDL94 with new values for general precession, obliquity and ratios Sun mass / planet mass. planetap.f 80 463 *Fortran77 code : compute approximate ephemerides of the 8 major planets.
Note on *.f files: Fortran77 code contains a subroutine with comments for usage and a short program showing how the subroutine is called on Unix workstations; for usage in a DOS 5.0 environment, just replace the "C" in col.1 by a blank in a few lines for better screen management.
See also: VI/87 : Planetary Ephemerides for the 9 planets (Chapront+ 1996)
(End) [BDL] 12-May-1994
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