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J/A+A/611/A1     SOLAR/SOLSPEC Spectral Irradiance - 0.5-3000nm  (Meftah+, 2018)

SOLAR-ISS, a new reference spectrum based on SOLAR/SOLSPEC observations. Meftah M., Dame L., Bolsee D., Hauchecorne A., Pereira N., Sluse D., Cessateur G., Irbah A., Bureau J., Weber M., Bramstedt K., Hilbig T., Thieblemont R., Marchand M., Lefevre F., Sarkissian A., Bekki S. <Astron. Astrophys. 611, A1 (2018)> =2018A&A...611A...1M (SIMBAD/NED BibCode)
ADC_Keywords: Sun ; Spectra, ultraviolet Keywords: Sun: fundamental parameters - Sun: general Abstract: Since April 5, 2008 and up to February 15, 2017, the SOLar SPECtrometer (SOLSPEC) instrument of the SOLAR payload on board the International Space Station (ISS) has performed accurate measurements of solar spectral irradiance (SSI) from the middle ultraviolet to the infrared (165 to 3088nm). These measurements are of primary importance for a better understanding of solar physics and the impact of solar variability on climate. In particular, a new reference solar spectrum (SOLAR-ISS) is established in April 2008 during the solar minima of cycles 23-24 thanks to revised engineering corrections, improved calibrations, and advanced procedures to account for thermal and aging corrections of the SOLAR/SOLSPEC instrument. The main objective of this article is to present a new high-resolution solar spectrum with a mean absolute uncertainty of 1.26% at 1σ from 165 to 3000nm. This solar spectrum is based on solar observations of the SOLAR/SOLSPEC space-based instrument. The SOLAR/SOLSPEC instrument consists of three separate double monochromators that use concave holographic gratings to cover the middle ultraviolet (UV), visible (VIS), and infrared (IR) domains. Our best ultraviolet, visible, and infrared spectra are merged into a single absolute solar spectrum covering the 165-3000nm domain. The resulting solar spectrum has a spectral resolution varying between 0.6 and 9.5nm in the 165-3000nm wavelength range. We build a new solar reference spectrum (SOLAR-ISS) by constraining existing high-resolution spectra to SOLAR/SOLSPEC observed spectrum. For that purpose, we account for the difference of resolution between the two spectra using the SOLAR/SOLSPEC instrumental slit functions. Using SOLAR/SOLSPEC data, a new solar spectrum covering the 165-3000nm wavelength range is built and is representative of the 2008 solar minimum. It has a resolution better than 0.1nm below 1000nm and 1nm in the 1000-3000nm wavelength range. The new solar spectrum (SOLAR-ISS) highlights significant differences with previous solar reference spectra and with solar spectra based on models. The integral of the SOLAR-ISS solar spectrum yields a total solar irradiance of 1372.3±16.9W/m2 at 1σ, that is yet 11W/m2 over the value recommended by the International Astronomical Union in 2015. Description: The SOLAR/SOLSPEC space-based instrument has measured the solar spectral irradiance from 165 to 3000nm at 0.6 to 9.5nm spectral resolution during the almost nine years of the SO- LAR/ISS mission. The instrument was calibrated using the PTB standard blackbody developed for temperatures up to 3200K. The absolute accuracy, based on a detailed analysis of error sources, indicates a mean absolute uncertainty of 1.26% of the total solar irradiance in the 165-3000nm range. Using SOLAR/SOLSPEC data, a new solar spectrum (SOLAR-ISS) covering the 165-3000nm wavelength range is built with added high spectral resolution. This SOLAR-ISS spectrum is developed by combining high spectral resolution from reference solar spectra with the resulting SOLAR/SOLSPEC spectrum through the knowledge of the slit functions of the SOLAR/SOLSPEC instrument. File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file spectrum.dat 44 48581 *SOLAR-ISS spectrum, Version: 1.1, Date: 18-October-2017
Note on spectrum.dat: SOLAR/SOLSPEC Spectral Irradiance - 0.5-3000nm, Reference: April 2008 solar minimum.
See also: J/A+A/531/A6 : Evolution of solar irradiance during Holocene (Vieira+, 2011) J/AJ/112/2274 : Spectral irradiance calibration. VII. (Cohen+ 1996) J/AJ/112/241 : Spectral irradiance calibration. VI. (Cohen+ 1996) J/ApJ/789/117 : Solar spectral irradiance (Marchenko+, 2014) J/A+A/562/A133 : Irradiated atmospheres analytical model (Parmentier+, 2014) J/A+A/574/A35 : Irradiated atmospheres analytical model (Parmentier+, 2015) J/A+A/581/A26 : Solar Lyman irradiance line profiles (Lemaire+, 2015) J/other/SoPh/291.3527 : SOLAR/SOLSPEC UV SSI from 2008-2015 (Meftah+, 2016) Byte-by-byte Description of file: spectrum.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 13 F13.8 nm lambda Wavelength 19- 28 F10.8 W/m2/nm SSI ?=- Solar spectral irradiance 34- 44 F11.8 % e_SSI ?=- Uncertainty on SSI (k=1)
Acknowledgements: Mustapha Meftah, Mustapha.Meftah(at)
(End) Patricia Vannier [CDS] 20-Oct-2017
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