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J/A+A/597/A134    Kohonen selected E+A galaxies from SDSS DR7 (Meusinger+, 2017)

A large sample of Kohonen selected E+A (post-starburst) galaxies from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. Meusinger H., Bruenecke J., Schalldach P., in der Au A. <Astron. Astrophys. 597, A134 (2017)> =2017A&A...597A.134M (SIMBAD/NED BibCode)
ADC_Keywords: Galaxies, peculiar ; Active gal. nuclei ; Galaxies, spectra ; Morphology Keywords: galaxies: interactions - galaxies: starburst - galaxies: active - surveys - virtual observatory tools Abstract: We created and analysed a large sample of local (z<0.4) post-starburst (PSB) galaxies. In the colour-mass diagram, the PSB sample is clearly concentrated towards the region between the red and the blue cloud, in agreement with the idea that PSB galaxies represent the transitioning phase between actively and passively evolving galaxies. The relative frequency of distorted PSB galaxies is at least 57%, significantly higher than in a comparison sample. The search for active galactic nuclei (AGN) based on conventional selection criteria in the radio and MIR results in a low AGN fraction of 2-3%. We confirm an MIR excess in the mean SED of the PSB galaxy sample that may indicate hidden AGNs, though other sources are also possible. Description: We present a catalogue of 2665 E+A galaxies of type E+A. The selection is based on a huge Kohonen self-organising map (SOM) of about one million spectra from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey Data Release 7 and is defined by the following criteria for the equivalent widths (EW) of the Halpha, Hdelta and [OII] lines: EW(Hα)>-5Å, EW(Hδ)>3Å, EW([OII])>-5Å (positive values for absorption). The galaxy redshifts cover the range z=0.02 to 0.4, with a mean redshift of z=0.13. The catalogue contains the redshift and EWs. In addition, morphological types from the Galaxy Zoo project are listed. File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file psb_sdss.dat 89 2665 E+A galaxies from SDSS DR7
See also: J/MNRAS/410/166 : Morphological types from Galaxy Zoo 1 (Lintott+, 2011) Byte-by-byte Description of file: psb_sdss.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 18 A18 --- SDSS SDSS designation ( 20- 24 I5 --- MJD Modified Julian Date 26- 29 I4 --- Plate Spectroscopic plate id 31- 33 I3 --- Fiber Spectroscopic fiber id 35- 39 F5.3 --- zsp Spectroscopic redshift 42- 47 F6.2 0.1nm EWHa Equivalent width of Hα (1) 50- 55 F6.2 0.1nm EWHd Equivalent width of Hδ (1) 59- 63 F5.2 0.1nm EW[OII]1 Equivalent width of [OII] (1) 67- 71 F5.2 0.1nm EW[OII]2 Equivalent width of [OII] (1) 73- 77 F5.3 --- Pe ? Probablity for elliptical galaxy (2) 79- 83 F5.3 --- Ps ? Probablity for spiral galaxy (2) 85- 89 F5.3 --- Pm ? Probablity for galaxy merger (2)
Note (1): positive values for absorption lines. Note (2): from Galaxy Zoo (Lintott et al., 2011, Cat. J/MNRAS/410/166).
Acknowledgements: Helmut Meusinger, meus(at)
(End) Patricia Vannier [CDS] 29-Nov-2016
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