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J/A+A/565/A75   ATLASGAL. Dust condensations in Galactic plane (Csengeri+, 2014)

The ATLASGAL survey: a catalog of dust condensations in the Galactic plane. Csengeri T., Urquhart J.S., Schuller F., Motte F., Bontemps S., Wyrowski F., Menten K.M., Bronfman L., Beuther H., Henning T., Testi L., Zavagno A., Walmsley M. <Astron. Astrophys. 565, A75 (2014)> =2014A&A...565A..75C
ADC_Keywords: Galactic plane ; Surveys ; Millimetric/submm sources ; Radio sources Keywords: surveys - star formation - massive stars - ISM: structure - Galaxy: structure Abstract: The formation processes and the evolutionary stages of high-mass stars are poorly understood compared to low-mass stars. Large-scale surveys are needed to provide an unbiased census of high column density sites which can potentially host precursors to high-mass stars. The ATLASGAL survey covers 420 sq. degree of the Galactic plane, between -80°<l<+60° at 870um. Here we identify the population of embedded sources throughout the inner Galaxy. With this catalog we first investigate the general statistical properties of dust condensations in terms of their observed parameters, such as flux density and angular size. Then using mid-IR surveys we aim to investigate their star-formation activity and the Galactic distribution of star-forming and quiescent clumps. Our ultimate goal is to determine the statistical properties of quiescent and star-forming clumps within the Galaxy and to constrain the star-formation processes. We optimized the source extraction method, referred to as MRE-GCL, for the ATLASGAL maps in order to generate a catalog of compact sources. This technique is based on a multi-scale filtering to remove extended emission from clouds to better determine the parameters corresponding to the embedded compact sources. In a second step we extract the sources by fitting 2D Gaussians with the Gaussclumps algorithm. Description: The file table1.dat contains the ATLASGAL sources, altogether 10861 detections. For more details see the corresponding section of the paper. File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file table1.dat 75 10861 List of ATLASGAL sources
See also: VIII/20 : Catalog of 5 GHz Galactic Plane Sources (Haynes+ 1979) V/114 : MSX6C Infrared Point Source Catalog (Egan+ 2003) J/A+A/549/A45 : ATLASGAL Compact Source Catalog: 330<l<21 (Contreras+, 2013) J/MNRAS/435/400 : ATLASGAL. Properties of compact HII regions (Urquhart+, 2013) : ATLASGAL Home Page Byte-by-byte Description of file: table1.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 5 I5 --- Seq [1/10861] Sequential number of the source 7- 22 A16 --- Name Name of the source (GLLL.llll+B.bbbb) 24- 31 F8.4 deg RAdeg Right ascension (J2000) 33- 40 F8.4 deg DEdeg Declination (J2000) 42- 44 I3 arcsec amaj Beam convolved major axis of the fitted Gaussian 46- 47 I2 arcsec amin Beam convolved minor axis of the fitted Gaussian 49- 51 I3 deg PA [-90/180] Position angle of the fitted Gaussian measured from north to east 53- 54 I2 arcsec FWHM Beam convolved average FWHM source size 56- 61 F6.2 Jy Sp Peak flux at 870um (in Jy/beam) 63- 68 F6.2 Jy Sint Integrated flux at 870um (1) 70- 75 F6.2 --- S/N Signal-to-noise ratio determined from the weight maps
Note (1): calculated assuming a 2D-Gaussian shape for the sources.
Acknowledgements: Timea Csengeri, ctimea(at)
(End) Patricia Vannier [CDS] 06-May-2014
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