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#-- V/67 An astrometric catalogue of radio stars (Hering+ 1990)
#---Table: V/67/./refs.dat References  (203 records)
#     RefNo I4     ---   Reference number
#      Text A71    ---   Text of reference
0001|SAOC:1966,Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, Star Catalogue.
0001|Publication of the Smithsonian Institution of Washington,D.C.,
0001|No.4562 (Cat. I/131)
0002|Wendker,H.J.:1978,A catalogue of radio stars,Abhandlungen aus der
0002|Hamburger Sternwarte,Band X,Heft 1,p.3, updated version
0002|of 15 Dec.1983, Hamburg-Bergedorf
0006|Dieckvoss,W.:1975, AGK3 star catalogue of positions and proper
0006|motions,Vol.1-8, Hamburg-Bergedorf (Cat. I/61)
0008|Gliese, W.:1969, Catalogue of nearby stars, Veroeffentlichungen
0008|des Astronomischen Rechen-Instituts Heidelberg,Nr.22 (See Cat. V/70)
0009|Kukarkin, al.:1969-1976, General catalogue of variable
0009|stars, Vol.I-III and Supplements, Astron. Council of the
0009|Academy of Science in the USSR, Moscow (see Cat. II/214)
0012|de Vegt,C.:1982,Abhandlungen aus der Hamburger Sternwarte,
0012|Band X,Heft 3,119,Hamburg-Bergedorf
0014|Engels,D.:1979,Astron.Astrophys.,Suppl.Ser.36,337, Cat. <V/18>
0020|Hoffleit,D.:1982, The bright star catalogue,Yale University
0020|Obervatory,New Haven,Connecticut, See Cat. <V/50>
0023|1985,Milliarcsecond structures,VLBI and optical positions of
0023|8 Hipparcos radio stars,in Hipparcos: Scientific Aspects of the
0023|Input Catalogue Preparation, Proceedings of a Colloquium held
0023|at Aussois,Savoie,France,3 to 7 June 1985, ESA SP-234,251
0027|Boss,B.: 1937, General Catalogue of 33342 Stars,Vol.I-V,
0027|Carnegie Institute,Washington,D.C., Cat. <I/113>
0028|Fredrick,L.W.: 1960AJ.....65..628F
0030|Gibson,D.M.:1984,Nonthermal radio emission and the HR diagram,
0030|Workshop on "Non-radiative heating/momentum in hot stars",
0030|Goddard Space Flight Center,Greenbelt,Md,June 1984
0031|Henize,K.G.: 1976ApJS...30..491H
0034|Fekel,F.C.,Simon,T.: 1985AJ.....90..812F
0036|Stoy,R.H.:1954-1968,Cape Photographic Catalogue for 1950.0,
0036|Annals of the Cape Observatory,Vol.XVII-XXII,London, Cat. <I/116>
0037|Mutel,R.L.,Lestrade,J.F.: 1985AJ.....90..493M
0041|Clements,E.D.,Argyle,R.W.: 1984MNRAS.209....1C
0044|Hog,E.,von der Heide,J.:1976, Perth 70, a catalogue of positions
0044|of 24900 stars,Abhandlungen aus der Hamburger Sternwarte Band IX,
0044|Hamburg-Bergedorf (Cat. <I/62>)
0045|Astronomisches Rechen-Institut:1963,Preliminary supplement to
0045|the FK4 (FK4Sup),Veroeffentl.des Astronomischen Rechen-Inst.,
0045|Heidelberg,Nr.11 (Cat. <I/143>)
0053|Wright,A.E.,Fourkins,N.,Purton,C.R.,Feldman,P.A.: 1974Natur.250..715W
0056|Copenhagen University Observatory, Royal Greenwich Observatory,
0056|Instituto y Observatorio de Marina: 1985, Carlsberg Meridian
0056|Catalogue La Palma Number 1. Observations of positions of stars
0056|and planets made in the year 1984. (see Cat. <I/256>)
0070|Higgs,L.A.,Feldman,P.A.,Smolinski,J.: 1978ApJ...220L.109H
0073|Purton,C.R.,Feldman,P.A.,Marsh,K.A.: 1982MNRAS.198..321P
0075|Florkowski,D.R.,Johnston,K.J.,Wade,C.M.,de Vegt,C.: 1985AJ.....90.2381F
0076|de Vegt,C.,Florkowski,D.R.,Johnston,K.J.,Wade,C.M.: 1985AJ.....90.2387D
0078|Walter,H.G.,de Vegt,C.,Kleine,Th.:1985,A critical examination
0078|of radio star data, in Hipparcos: Scientific Aspects of the
0078|Input Catalogue Preparation, Proceedings of a Colloquium held
0078|at Aussois,Savoie,France,3 to 7 June 1985, ESA SP-234,241
0079|Debarbat,S.:1983,CAR 4,Circular on radio stars,8 June 1983,4 pp
0080|Simon,T.,Fekel,F.C.,Gibson,D.M.: 1985ApJ...295..153S
0081|van Altena,W.:1985,Parallaxes catalogue,computer listing
0081|of 7 Nov.1985,New Haven,Connecticut (See Cat. <I/238>)
0082|Hering,R.,Schwerdtfeger,H.-M.,Walter,H.G.:1986, Positions of
0082|radio stars measured on Schmidt plates.Internal record,Astron.
0082|Rechen-Institut,Heidelberg,16 May 1986
0086|Jauncey,D.L.:1986, Catalogue of radio star candidates in the
0086|southern hemisphere (68 stars),working paper,4 July 1986
0087|Centre de Donnees Stellaires:1986,SIMBAD,Strasbourg
0088|Wright,A.E.: 1985PASAu...6..160I
0089|Argue,A.N.:1986,Allocation of superhigh priority to Hipparcos
0089|radio stars,cf.list of superhigh priority radio stars (SPRS),
0089|7 Aug.1986,Cambridge
0090|Wright,A.E.: 1986PASAu...6..312S
0091|Stoy,R.H.:1968, Second Cape catalogue for 1950.0,Annals of
0091|the Cape Observatory,Vol.XXIII,Cape Observatory (Cat. <I/75>)
0092|Morgan,H.R.:1952,Catalog of 5268 standard stars,1950.0 based on
0092|the normal system N30,Astronomical Papers,American Ephemeris and
0092|Nautical Almanac,Vol.XIII,Part III,United States Government
0092|Printing Office,Washington,D.C. (Cat. <I/80>)
0095|Hering,R.,Schwerdtfeger,H.-M.,Walter,H.G.: 1986BICDS..30...61H
0098|Requieme,Y.:1987,Bordeaux meridian observations,preliminary
0098|list,private communication,12 March 1987
0099|Argue,A.N.:1987,Allocation of superhigh priority to Hipparcos
0099|radio stars,cf.list of superhigh priority radio stars (SPRS),
0099|6 March 1987,Cambridge
0100|Argue,A.N.:1987,Telex to C.Turon, 9 April 1987,
0100|concerning a list of radio stars prepared for submission to
0100|Monthly Notices Roy.Astron.Soc. by Slee et al.; preliminary
0100|reference "AS CSIRO RPP 3083",Cambridge
0102|Lestrade,J.-F.,Preston,R.A.:1987,letter to A.N.Argue,
0102|J.Kovalevsky,C.Turon,Y.Requieme, concerning the "Update of
0102|the list of superhigh priority radio stars", 24 Febr.1987
0103|de Vegt,C.,Johnston,K.J.:1987,Report to INCA,Subgroup 2130, on
0103|"Work on ground-based quasar and radio star links",3 Sept.1987
0111|Wendker,H.J.:1987,Astron.Astrophys.,Suppl.Ser.69,87 (A catalogue
0111|of radio stars,updated version of 25 July 1987)
0112|Dulk,G.,Linsky,J.L.: 1987ApJ...322..902D
0113|Roeser,S.,Bastian,U:1988,A new star catalogue of SAO type,
0113|Astron.Astrophys.,Suppl.Ser.74,449 (Cat. <I/146>)
0114|Johnston,K.J.,Wade,C.M.,Florkowski,D.R.,de Vegt,C.:
0115|Hipparcos,INCA:1988, Proposal No.26, Superhigh priority radio
0115|stars, version of 13 January 1988
0116|White G.L.,Jauncey,D.L.,Batty,M.J.,Peters,W.L.,Gulkis,S.:
0117|Copenhagen University Observatory, Royal Greenwich Observatory,
0117|Instituto y Observatorio de Marina: 1986, Carlsberg Meridian
0117|Catalogue La Palma Number 2. Observations of positions of stars
0117|and planets made in the year 1985. (See Cat. <I/256>)
0118|Copenhagen University Observatory, Royal Greenwich Observatory,
0118|Real Instituto y Observatorio de la Armada en San Fernando:
0118|1986, Carlsberg Meridian Catalogue La Palma Number 3.
0118|Observations of positions of stars and planets made in the
0118|year 1986. (See Cat. <I/256>)
0119|Danziger,I.J.,Kunth,D.,Lub,J.: 1983ApJ...273..458S
0120|Fleming,T.A.,Gioia,I.M.,Mercghetti,S.: 1987AJ.....93.1502F
0121|Kennedy,P.M.:1983,MK classification catalogue,Mt.Stromlo &
0121|Siding Spring Observatories,Australia. In machine readable
0121|form on file at CDS Strasbourg (36450 records) (Cat. <III/78>)
0123|Kholopov,P.N.:1985-1987, General catalogue of variable stars,
0123|Astronomical Council of the USSR Academy of Sciences,Moscow,
0123|Vol.I-III (See Cat. <II/214>)
0124|Kholopov,P.N.:1982, New catalogue of suspected variable stars,
0124|Astronomical Council of the USSR Academy of Sciences,
0124|Moscow (Cat. <II/140>)
0126|Hjellming,R.M.: 1985, The radio emission of VV Cephei-type
0126|binaries, in Proceedings of a Workshop on Stellar Continuum
0126|Radio Astronomy, held in Boulder,Colorado,U.S.A.,8-10 Aug.1984,
0126|R.M.Hjellming,D.M.Gibson (eds.), D.Reidel Publishing Company,
0126|Dordrecht, 151
0128|VLBI astrometry in the southern hemisphere sky for the link of
0128|the Hipparcos and extragalactic frames, in Proceedings of
0128|a Colloquium on 'Scientific Aspects of the Input Catalogue
0128|Preparation II', held in Sitges, Catalonia, Spain, 25 to 29
0128|Jan. 1988, J.Torra,C.Turon (eds.), Comissio interdepartamental
0128|de recerca i innovacio tecnologica (CIRIT). Generalitat de
0128|Catalunya, 1988, 481
0130|Lestrade,J.F.,Niell,A.E.,Preston,R.A.,Mutel,R.L.: 1988AJ.....96.1746L
0131|Jones,F.B.,Herbig,G.H.: 1979AJ.....84.1872J
0133|de Vegt,C.:1988, private communication
0134|Costa,E.,Loyola,P.: 1989A&AS...78..141C
0135|Cannon,A.J.,Pickering,E.C.:1918-1924,The Henry Draper Catalogue,
0135|Annals of the Astronomical Observatory of Harvard College,
0135|Cambridge,Massachusetts,Vol.91-100 (Cat. <III/135>)
0137|Hipparcos,INCA:1988, Proposal No.26, Superhigh priority radio
0137|stars, version of 6 October 1988
0138|Hardorp,J.,Rohlfs,K.,Slettebak,A.,Stock,J.:1959,Luminous stars
0138|in the northern milky way I, Hamburger Sternwarte & Warner and
0138|Swasey Observatory, Hamburg-Bergedorf (Cat. <III/76>)
0141|Clauzet,L.B.F.,Debarbat,S.,Chollet,F.:1986, Astron.Astrophys.167,
0146|Weiler,E.J.,Stencel,R.E.: 1979AJ.....84.1372W
0147|Fricke,W.,Schwan,H.,Lederle,T. et al.:1988, Fifth Fundamental
0147|Catalogue (FK5). Part I. The basic fundamental stars. Veroeffentl.
0147|des Astronomischen Rechen-Institutes Heidelberg, Nr.32 (Cat. <I/149>)
0148|Halbwachs,J.L.: 1981A&AS...44...47H
0149|Hall,D.S.: 1981, The RS Canum Venaticorum binaries, in
0149|Proceedings of Solar Phenomena of Stars and Stellar Systems,
0149|R.M.Bonnet and A.K.Dupree (eds.), D.Reidel Publ.Comp.,
0149|Dordrecht, 431
0150|Aitken, R.,G.: 1932, New General Catalogue of Double Stars,
0150|Carnegie Institution of Washington, Publication No.417,
0150|Vol.I and II, Washington D.C.
0151|Gliese,W.,Jahreiss,H.: 1979A&AS...38..423G
0152|Ryan,S.G.,Vaughan,A.E.: 1987MNRAS.229..659S
0153|Mendelson,H.,Mazeh,T.: 1989MNRAS.239..733M
0154|Wilson,R.E.: 1953, General Catalogue of Stellar
0154|Radial Velocities, Carnegie Institution of Washington,
0154|Publication No.601, Washington,D.C. (Cat. <III/21>)
0156|de Vegt,Johnston,K.J. et al.:1990, prepared for publication
0156|(see Cat. <I/151>)
0157|Jeffers,H.M.,van den Bos,W.H.,Greeby,F.M.:1963,Index Catalogue
0157|of Visual Double Stars,1961.0, Part I and Part II, Lick
0157|Observatory, Mount Hamilton, California
0158|Worley,C.E,Douglass,G.G: 1985,The Washington Visual Double
0158|Star Catalogue, 1984.0, U.S.Naval Observatory,
0158|Washington, D.C. 20390, version on magnetic tape (Cat. <I/107>)
0159|Wilson, O.C.,Apt,A.: 1951ApJ...114..477W
0160|Thompson,K.,Thompson,I.: 1989IBVS.3320....1T
0161|Rucinsky,S.M.: 1983A&AS...52..281R
0162|Hall,D.S.: 1976, The RS CVn binaries and binaries with
0162|similar properties, in Proceedings of Multiple Periodic
0162|Variable Stars, W.S.Fitch (ed.), D.Reidel Publ.Comp.,
0162|Dordrecht, 287
0163|de Vegt,Chr.: 1989, Working Documents, Sternwarte der
0163|Universitaet Hamburg,Hamburg-Bergedorf,available upon request
0164|Houk,N.,Cowley,A.P.: 1975, Michigan catalogue of two-dimensional
0164|spectral types for the  HD stars. Volume 1. (Cat. <III/31>)
0165|de Vegt,Chr.: 1989, Radio stars with unpublished VLA positions,
0165|Hamburger Sternwarte, private communication, 7 Nov.1989,
0166|Karovska,M.,Nisenson,P.,Noyes,P.: 1986ApJ...308..260K
0167|Walter,H.G.,Hering,R.:1988, Revised positions and proper
0167|motions of radio stars, in Proceedings of a Colloquium
0167|on 'Scientific Aspects of the Input Catalogue Preparation II',
0167|held in Sitges, Catalonia, Spain, 25 to 29 January 1988,
0167|J.Torra,C.Turon (eds.), Comissio interdepartamental de
0167|recerca i innovacio tecnologica (CIRIT). Generalitat de
0167|Catalunya, 1988, 487

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