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Improved CCD Standard Fields Nancy G. Roman NSSDC/WDC-A-R&S 93-12 2018-05-23

Improved CCD Standard Fields

(Odewahn, S. C., Bryja, C., and Humphreys, R. M.)

The authors have combined multiple nights of CCD observations of NGC 7790, NGC 7006, and NGC 4147 in order to establish deep sequences of photometric standards whose errors have been objectively derived through statistical comparisons. Values are given for B, V, and R for stars in the magnitude range 12.8 to 20.2.

1  Introduction

This document describes the indigenous characteristics of the machine-readable version of the Improved CCD Standard Fields to a computer. A copy should be transmitted with any additional copy of this catalog.

2  Source Reference

  • ``Improved CCD Standard Fields'' Odewahn, S. C., Bryja, C. and Humphreys, R. M. 1992, PASP, 104, 553

    3  Structure

    3.1  File Structure

    The Improved CCD Standard Fields as distributed here is in a single fixed block file. It contains 273 records of 80 bytes each. The four tables in the printed paper have been concatenated into one with the SGP field first, followed by F401 and with all data for each quasar on a single line.


    3.2  File Format

    Table 1 gives a byte-by-byte description of the contents of the data file. [h]
    Bytes Unit Format Item
    1 - 8 A8 Cluster Name 11 - 13 I3 Star Number 15 - 19 pixel F5.1 X (plate coordinate) 21 - 25 pixel F5.1 Y (plate coordinate) 29 - 34 mag F6.3 V 37 - 41 mag F5.3 m.e.(V) 43 - 44 I2 No. Obs. (V) 47 - 52 mag F6.3 BV 55 - 59 mag F5.3 m.e. (BV) 61 - 62 I2 No. Obs. (BV) 65 - 70 mag F6.3 VR 73 - 77 mag F5.3 m.e. (VR) 79 - 80 I2 No. Obs. (VR)

    Note: X is positive to the west; Y is positive to the north.

    4  References

  • Odewahn, S. C., Bryja, C., and Humphreys, R. M. 1992, PASP, 104, 553

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