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#-- III/244 Catalog of Stellar Rotational Velocities (Glebocki+ 2005)
#---Table: III/244/./refs.dat References  (445 records)
#     Label Format Unit  Explanations
#       Ref A3     ---   Reference Symbol
#   BibCode A19    ---   Bibcode
#     Ndata I5     ---   Number of data in catalogue
#    Nstars I5     ---   Number of stars in catalogue
#      Meth A9     ---   Method(s) used in publication (see Note(4) above)
#      Text A274   ---   Name(s) of the author(s)
   |                   |     |    N|         |
Ref|BibCode            |Ndata|stars|Meth     |Text
 UF|                   | 6270| 6267|         |Uesugi A. and Fukuda I. 1982 CDS/cats/III/63B
  1|1965PASP...77..367A|    2|    2|       LW|Abt H.A.
  2|1974ApJ...193..389B|    2|    2|      C-C|Bopp B.W.
  3|1975ApJS...29..137S|  217|  217|     FWHM|Slettebak A., Collins II G.W., Boyce P.B., White N.M. and Parkinson T.D.
  4|1976ApJ...203..603S|    2|    2|     FTLP|Smith M.A.
  5|1977Ap&SS..46...13D|    8|    8|     FTLP|Deeming T.J.
  6|1977ApJ...217..771K|    1|    1|     Conv|Kurucz R.L., Traub W.A., Carleton N.P. and Lester J.B.
  7|1978ApJ...224..584S|   14|   14|     FTLP|Smith M.A.
  8|1979AJ.....84.1218N|    2|    2|     FWHM|Naftilan S.A. and Milone E.F.
  9|1979AJ.....84.1763B|    2|    2|       LW|Bopp B.W., Fekel F., Griffin R.F., Beavers W.I., Gunn J.E., Edwards D.
 10|1979ApJ...231..139G|    8|    8|     FTLP|Gray D.F.
 11|1979ApJ...231..477S|   13|   13|     FTLP|Smith M.A. and Dominy J.F.
 12|1979ApJ...234..958V|    1|    1|     Conv|Vogt S.S. and Fekel F.Jr
 13|1979BAICz..30..372Z|    1|    1|     FWHM|Zverko J.
 14|1980A&A....92..182L|    2|    2|      C-C|Lucke P.B. and Mayor M.
 15|1980ApJ...239..928P|    2|    2|      REF|Peterson R.C., Willmarth D.W., Carney B.W. and Chaffee F.H.Jr.
 16|1980PASP...92..154G|    1|    1|     FTLP|Gray D.F.
 17|1980PASP...92..771G|   22|   19|     FTLP|Gray D.F.
 18|1981A&A....93..235B|   11|   11|      C-C|Benz W. and Mayor M.
 19|1981A&AS...43..427D|    5|    5|     FWHM|Dachs J., Eichendorf W., Schleicher H., Schmidt-Kaler TH., Stift M. and Tueg H.
 20|1981ApJ...244..221W|    6|    6|       LW|Wolff S.C.
 21|1981ApJ...245..960V|   63|   63|     FTLP|Vogel S.N. and Kuhi L.V.
 22|1981ApJ...245..992G|    1|    1|     FTLP|Gray D.F.
 23|1981ApJ...247..975V|    1|    1|     Conv|Vogt S.S.
 24|1981ApJ...251..152G|    1|    1|     FTLP|Gray D.F.
 25|1981ApJ...251..155G|    5|    5|     FTLP|Gray D.F.
 26|1981ApJ...251..190C|    3|    3|     Conv|Carney B.W. and Peterson R.C.
 27|1981PASP...93..756B|    1|    1|     Conv|Bonsack W.K.
 28|1982A&A...105..318L|    4|    4|      C-C|Lucke P.B and Mayor M.
 29|1982AJ.....87.1035B|    1|    1|       LW|Bopp B.W., Fekel F.C., Hall D.S., Henry G.W., Noah P.V., Africano J., Wilkerson M.S., Beavers W.I.
 30|1982ApJ...252..322W|  308|  308|       LW|Wolff S.C., Edwards S. and Preston G.W.
 31|1982ApJ...254..162G|    6|    4|     FTLP|Gray D.F. and Endal A.S.
 32|1982ApJ...256..156M|    2|    2|       LW|Mundt R. and Giampapa M.S.
 33|1982ApJ...258..201G|    7|    7|     FTLP|Gray D.F.
 34|1982ApJ...262..682G|   23|   23|     FTLP|Gray D.F.
 35|1982ApJ...263..239S|   77|   77|     FTLP|Soderblom D.R.
 36|1982ApJS...50...55S|  197|  197|       LW|Slettebak A.
 37|1982PDAO...16...27H|    1|    1|     Conv|Hill G., Fisher W.A. and Pockert R.
 38|1983AJ.....88.1349S|  154|  154|      REF|Stetson P.B.
 39|1983AJ.....88.1644D|    2|    2|       LW|Davis R., Strom K.M. and Strom S.E.
 40|1983ApJ...265..972P|   11|   11|     FTLP|Peterson R.C., Tarbell T.D. and Carney B.W.
 41|1983ApJ...268..195W|   19|   19|     FWHM|Walborn N.W.
 42|1983ApJ...269..250V|   16|   16|     FTLP|Vogt S.S., Soderblom D.R. and Penrod G.D.
 43|1983ApJ...271..237S|   59|   55|     FTLP|Smith M.A., Beckers J.M. and Barden S.C.
 44|1983ApJ...272..196A|    1|    1|     FWHM|Abt H.A., Bollinger G. and Burke E.W.
 45|1983ApJ...275..737P|   22|   19|      C-C|Peterson R.C.
 46|1983ApJS...53....1S|    6|    6|     FTLP|Soderblom D.R.
 47|1983PASP...92..277S|   14|   14|       LW|Smith H.A. and Hesser J.E.
 48|1983PASP...95..268S|    9|    9|     FTLP|Smith M.A.
 49|1983PASP...95..565V|    2|    2|     Conv|Vogt S.S. and Penrod G.D.
 50|1983PASP...95..768B|    2|    2|     Conv|Batten A.H., Fisher W.A., Fletcher A.M. and Hill G.
 51|1983PASP...95.1000F|    2|    2|     Conv|Fekel F. and Tomkin J.
 52|1984A&A...136...65A|    4|    4|     Conv|Andersen J., Gustafsson B. and Lambert D.L.
 53|1984A&A...138...93B|    5|    5|      C-C|Benz W., Mayor M. and Mermilliod J.C.
 54|1984A&A...138..183B|   83|   82|      C-C|Benz W. and Mayor M.
 55|1984A&AS...57..239C|    1|    1|     FWHM|Codina S.J.,de Freitas-Pacheco J.A., Lopes D.F. and Gilra D.
 56|1984ApJ...279..237P|   10|   10|     Conv|Peterson R.C., Carney B.W. and Latham D.W.
 57|1984ApJ...280..202S|   38|   32| C-C/Conv|Stauffer J.R., Hartmann L., Soderblom D.R. and Burnham N.
 58|1984ApJ...281..719G|   18|   18|     FTLP|Gray D.F.
 59|1984ApJ...282..683Y|    1|    1|     FWHM|Young A., Skumanich A. and Harlan E.
 60|1984ApJ...285..202B|    1|    1|     Conv|Bopp B.W., Goodrich B., Africano J.L., Noah P.V., Meredith R.J., Palmer L.H. and Quigley R.J.
 61|1984ApJ...286..741C|   12|   12|     FWHM|Carpenter K.G., Slettebak A. and Sonneborn G.
 62|1984MNRAS.208...83S|   26|   26|     FWHM|Schmidt E.G. and Forbes D.
 63|1984MNRAS.208..459S|   39|   39|     Conv|Stoeckley Th.R., Carroll R.W. and Miller R.D.
 64|1984MNRAS.211..793S|    1|    1|       LW|Skillen I. and De Groot M.
 65|1984PASP...96..376O|   63|   55|     FWHM|Olson E.C.
 66|1984PASP...96..537G|    2|    2|     FTLP|Gray D.F.
 67|1984PASP...96..821P|    6|    6|     Conv|Pilachowski C.A. and Milkey R.W.
 68|1985A&A...151..340F|   19|   19|     Conv|Finkenzeller U.
 69|1985A&AS...59....1C|    1|    1|     Conv|Castelli F., Cornachin M.., Hack M.. and Morosi C.
 70|1985AJ.....90..609G|    8|    6|      C-C|Griffin R.F., Gunn J.E., Zimmerman B.A. and Griffin R.E.M.
 71|1985AJ.....90..812F|    2|    2|     FWHM|Fekel F.C. and Simon T.
 72|1985ApJ...289..320P|    9|    9|      C-C|Peterson R.C.
 73|1985ApJ...294L..35P|    7|    7|      C-C|Peterson R.C.
 74|1985ApJ...295..162B|   19|   19|     Conv|Barden S.C.
 75|1985ApJ...297..691B|    2|    2|       LW|Bopp B.W., Ake T.B., Goodrich B.D., Africano J.L., Noah P.V., Meredith R.J., Palmer L.H. and Quigley R.
 76|1985ApJ...298..756G|   24|   20|     FTLP|Gray D.F. and Nagar P.
 77|1985ApJS...59..769S|   70|   70|       LW|Slettebak A.
 78|1985AZh....62..947K|   77|   77|     FWHM|Klochkova V.G. and Kopylov I.M..
 79|1985MNRAS.212...33C|    1|    1|     Conv|Carney B.C. and Peterson R.C.
 80|1985Obs...105...81G|    2|    2|     Conv|Griffin R.F.
 81|1985PASP...97..634M|    4|    4|     Conv|Mikey R.W. And Pilachowski C.A.
 82|1985PASP...97..707W|   47|   47|      C-C|Wolff S.C., Heasley J.N. and Varsik J.
 83|1986A&A...165..110B|   25|   24| C-C/FTLP|Bouvier J., Bertout C., Benz W. and Mayor M.
 84|1986ApJ...308..728B|    1|    1|     Conv|Bohannan B., Abbott D.C., Voels S.A., and Hummer D.G.
 85|1986ApJ...309..275H|   50|   50|      C-C|Hartmann L., Hewett R., Stahler S. And Matheau R.D.
 86|1986ApJ...310..277G|   37|   37|     FTLP|Gray D.F. and Toner C.G.
 87|1986ApJS...60..551F|   58|   58|     FWHM|Fekel F.C., Moffett T.J. and Henry G.W.
 88|1986ApJS...61..561S|   26|   26|      C-C|Stauffer J.R.and Hartmann L.W.
 89|1986csss....4..278S|    1|    1|         |Saar S.H. and Linsky J.L.
 90|1986IBVS.2952....1E|    1|    1|     Conv|Eaton J.A. and Barden
 91|1986PASP...98..319G|   12|   12|     FTLP|Gray D.F.
 92|1987A&A...172...74H|   70|   70|     Conv|Huisong T. and Xuefu L.
 93|1987A&A...175..136P|    1|    1|      C-C|Pedoussaut A., Carquillat J.M. and Ginstet N.
 94|1987A&A...176...75Z|    1|    1|     Conv|Zochling J. and Muthsam H.
 95|1987A&A...186..241W|    2|    2|     FWHM|Walter F.M., Neff J.E., Gibson D.M., Linsky J.L. Rodono M., Gary D.E. and Butler C.J.
 96|1987AJ.....93..907H|   19|   19|      C-C|Hartmann L.W., Soderblom D.R. and Stauffer J.R.
 97|1987ApJ...312..243H|    2|    2|      C-C|Hartmann L. And Kenton S.J.
 98|1987ApJ...318..337S|   99|   99|      C-C|Stauffer J.R. and Hartmann L.
 99|1987ApJ...320..850V|    1|    1|     Conv|Vilhu O., Gustafsson B. and Edvardsson B.
100|1987ApJ...320L..51S|    8|    8|      C-C|Stauffer J.R., Hartmann L.W. and Latham D.W.
101|1987ApJ...322..360G|   30|   30|     FTLP|Gray D.F. and Toner C.G.
102|1987ApJ...323..325B|    6|    6|     Conv|Bohlender D.A., Brown D.N., Landstreet J.D. And Thompson I.A.
103|1987MNRAS..226.581A|    3|    3|       LW|Adelman S.J.
104|1987MNRAS.226..813L|    2|    2|         |Lloyd Evans T., Balona L.A., Fekel F.C.
105|1987MNRAS.227..801S|   19|   19|     Conv|Stoeckley T.R. and Buscombe W.
106|1987MNRAS.228..573A|    7|    7|     Conv|Adelman S.J.
107|1987PASP...99..836P|   10|   10|     Conv|Pilachowski C.A. and Milkey R.W.
108|1987PASP...99.1089G|   12|   12|       LW|Glaspey J.W.
109|1987SAAOC..11....1B|    5|    5|     Conv|Balona L.A.
110|1987SAAOC..11...21L|    3|    3|         |Lloyd Evans T. and Koen M.C.J.
111|1988A&A...189..132F|   14|   14|     FTLP|Franchini M., Magazzu A. and Stalio R.
112|1988A&A...195..129D|   11|   11|      C-C|Duquennoy A. and Mayor M.
113|1988A&A...197..209S|    6|    6|     Conv|Schonberner D., Herrero A., Becker S., Eber F., Butler K., Kudritzki R.P. and Simon K.P.
114|1988A&A...200..135D|   10|   10|      C-C|Duquennoy A. and Mayor M.
115|1988AJ.....96..297W|   31|   31|      C-C|Walter F.M., Brown A., Mathieu R.D., Myers P.C. and Vrba F.J.
116|1988AJ.....96.1040P|    1|    1|       LW|Popper D.M.
117|1988ApJ...328L..25K|    1|    1|     Conv|Kahane C., Maizels C. and Jura M.
118|1988ApJ...332..910K|    7|    7|     Conv|Koester D. and Herrero A.
119|1988ApJS...68..463L|   11|   11|     FWHM|Lance C.M.
120|1988MNRAS.235..763A|    2|    2|     Conv|Adelman S.J.
121|1988PASP..100..371W|    1|    1|      REF|Worek T.F., Zizka E.R., King M.W. and Kieviet De Jonge J.H.
122|1988PASP..100.1076A|   18|   18|       LW|Arnal M., Morrell N., Garcia B. and Levato H.
123|1988PASP..100.1436N|    2|    2|     FWHM|Niemela V.S. and Morrison N.D.
124|1989A&A...209..233R|   46|   46|     FTLP|Ramella M., Gerbaldi M., Faraggiana R. and Bohm C.
125|1989A&A...219..142A|    2|    2|      C-C|Andersen J., Lindgren H., Hansen M.L. and Mayor M.
126|1989A&A...225..125L|   15|   15|     Conv|Lemke M.
127|1989A&AS...79..423B|   22|   22|     FWHM|Baade D.
128|1989AJ.....97..539S|   53|   53|     FTLP|Soderblom D.R., Pendleton J. and Pallavicini R.
129|1989AJ.....97..873H|   63|   51|      C-C|Hartmann L. and Stauffer J.R.
130|1989AJ.....97.1139F|    1|    1|     FWHM|Fekel F.C. and Eitter J.J.
131|1989ApJ...339.1059B|    1|    1|     Conv|Bopp B.W., Saar S.H., Ambuster C., Feldman P., Dempsey R., Allen M. and Barden S.C.
132|1989ApJ...340.1073V|    4|    4|     Conv|Voels S.A., Bohannan B., Abbott D.C. and Hummer D.G.
133|1989ApJ...342..285S|   10|   10|      C-C|Stauffer J., Hartmann L.W., Jones B.F. and McNamara B.R.
134|1989ApJ...346..160S|   41|   41|      C-C|Stauffer J.R., Hartmann L.W. and Jones B.F.
135|1989ApJ...347.1021G|   76|   72|     FTLP|Gray D.F.
136|1989MNRAS.239..487A|    3|    3|     Conv|Adelman S.J.
137|1989PASP..101..107S|    2|    2|     FWHM|Strassmeier K.G., Hooten J.T., Hall D.S. and Fekel F.C.
138|1989PASP..101..695G|   18|   14|     FTLP|Gray D.F. and Pallavicini R.
139|1990A&A...230..389S|   36|   36|     FWHM|Strassmeier K.G. and Fekel F.C.
140|1990A&A...235..291S|    5|    5|      C-C|Saar S.H., Nordstrom B. and Andersen J.
141|1990A&A...237..137D|    1|    1|     FTLP|Dravins D., Lindegren L., and Torkelsson U.
142|1990A&A...238..145H|    2|    2|      C-C|Hill G., Fisher W.A. and Holmgren D.
143|1990AJ....100..554H|    4|    4|     FWHM|Hall D.S.
144|1990ApJ...354..310B|  189|  189|     FWHM|Balachandran S.
145|1990ApJ...358..610H|    2|    2|     Conv|Hall J.C., Huenemoerder D.P., Ramsey L.W. and Buzasi D.L.
146|1990ApJS...72..191S|   25|   25|     FWHM|Strassmeier K.G., Fekel F.C., Bopp B.W.,  R.C. and Henry G.W.
147|1990ApJS...72..323L|   37|   37|       LW|Levato H., Malaroda S., Garcia B., Morrell N. and Solivella G.
148|1990IBVS......3460E|   27|   27|       LW|Eaton J.A.
149|1990MNRAS.246..654F|    4|    4|      REF|Friend M.T., Martin J.S,, Smith R.C. and Jones D.H.P.
150|1990PASP..102..306R|    1|    1|     FTLP|Rucinski S.M..
151|1990PASP..102..312D|    2|    2|      C-C|Dempsey R.C., Parsons S.B., Bopp B.W. and Fekel F.C
152|1990SvAL...16.1026T|    1|    1|      C-C|Tokovinin A.A.
153|1991A&A...241..167V|    5|    5|     Conv|Vilhu O., Gustafsson B. and Walter F.M.
154|1991A&A...244..335N|   22|   22|      C-C|North P. and Duquennoy A.
155|1991A&A...246..175L|    1|    1|     FTLP|Lennon D.J., Dufton P.L., Keenan F.P. and Holmgren D.E.
156|1991A&A...248...72P|    2|    2|      C-C|Pasquini L., Cutispoto G., Gratton R. and Mayor M.
157|1991A&A...248..485D|    1|    1|      C-C|Duquennoy A. and Mayor M.
158|1992A&A...253..185P|   66|   66|       LW|Pallavicini R., Randich S. and Giampapa M.S.
159|1992A&A...254..L36D|    1|    1|      C-C|De Medeiros J.R., Mayor M. and Simon T.
160|1992A&A...256..121T|  200|  199|      C-C|Tokovinin A.A.
161|1992A&A...256..525F|    5|    5|     Conv|Franchini M., Covino E., Stalio R., Terranegra L. and Chavarria-K C.
162|1992A&A...257..199K|    2|    2|     FWHM|Khalesseh B. And Hill G.
163|1992A&A...261..209H|   25|   25|     FWHM|Herrero A., Kudritzki R.P., Vilchez J.M., Kunze D., Butler K. and Haser S.
164|1992A&A...265..597A|    2|    1|     FWHM|Ahn Y.S., Hill G. and Khalessch B.
165|1992A&A...265..669D|    2|    2|       LW|Donati J.-F., Semel M. and Rees D.E.
166|1992A&A...265..682D|    1|    1|       LW|Donati J.-F., Brown S.F., Semel M., Rees D.E., Dempsey R.C., Mathews J.M., Henry G.W. and Hall D.S.
167|1992AJ....103..488P|  241|  236|      C-C|Prosser C.F.
168|1992ApJ...390..550M|   48|   47|     Conv|Marcy G.W. and Chen G.H.
169|1992ApJ...392..187D|    2|    2|      C-C|Dempsey R.C., Bopp B.W., Strassmeer K.G., Granados A.F., Henry G.W. and Hall D.S.
170|1992CRASM.314.1429Z|    1|    1|      REF|Zoric J., Ballereau D., Chauville J. and Garcia A.
171|1992IBVS.3735....1S|    1|    1|     FWHM|Strassmeier K.G., Maitzen H.M. and Franka M.
172|1992MNRAS.256..575S|   12|   12|     FWHM|Stockton R.A. and Fekel F.C.
173|1992Obs...112...41G|    3|    3|      C-C|Griffin R.F.
174|1993A&A...273..194R|   69|   69|     Conv|Randich S., Gratton R. and Pallavicini R.
175|1993A&A...274..335S|   20|   20|     Conv|Smith K.C. and Dworetsky M.M.
176|1993A&A...276..142H|    6|    6|     Conv|Hill G.M. and Landstreet J.D.
177|1993A&A...277..139S|   15|   15|     Conv|Stuerenberg S.
178|1993A&AS..100..173S|    1|    1|         |Dadonas V. (priv. comm.) in CABS
179|1993A&AS..100..173S|   68|   68|     FWHM|Fekel F.C.(priv.comm.) in CABS
180|1993A&AS..101..629B|    8|    8|     Conv|Bohm T. and Catala C.
181|1993AJ....106.1200E|   41|   41|     FWHM|Etzel P.B. And Olson E.C.
182|1993ApJ...402L...5S|   17|   17|      C-C|Soderblom D.R. and Mayor M.
183|1993ApJ...403..708F|   18|   18|     FWHM|Fekel F.C. and Balachandran S.
184|1993ApJ...406..172D|   43|   43|      C-C|Duncan D.K.
185|1993ApJ...417..320R|    1|    1|     FTLP|Reid A.H.N., Bolton C.T., Crowe R.A., Fieldus M.S., Fullerton A.W., Gies D.R., Howarth I.D., McDavid D., Prinja R.K. and Smith K.C.
186|1993ApJ...419L..89F|    1|    1|     FWHM|Fekel F.C. and Bopp B.W.
187|1993ApJS...85..315S|  156|  156|      C-C|Soderblom D.R., Stauffer J.R., Hudon J.D. and Jones B.F.
188|1993ApJS...86..599D|    1|    1|     FWHM|Dempsey R.C., Linksky J.L., Fleming T.A. and Schmitt J.H.M.M.
189|1993ApJS...87..197G|   55|   55|       LW|Garcia B.
190|1993MNRAS.265..359G|    5|    5|     FTLP|Gameiro J.F. And Lago M.T.V.T.
191|1994A&A...281..855S|   23|   23|      C-C|Strassmeier K.G., Handler G., Paunzen E. and Rauth M.
192|1994A&A...282..518G|    3|    3|     FWHM|Garcia Lopez R.J., Rebolo R. and Martin E.L.
193|1994A&A...282..831T|    7|    4|      C-C|Tokovinin A.A., Duquennoy A., Halbwachs J.-L. and Mayor M.
194|1994A&A...283..893R|   37|   37|     Conv|Randich S., Giampapa M.S. and Pallavicini R.
195|1994A&A...284..437K|   11|   11|     Conv|Kilian J., Montenbruck O., Nissen P.E.
196|1994A&A...285..272T|   24|   23|     Conv|Tagliaferri G., Cutispoto G., Pallavicini R., Randich S. and Pasquini L.
197|1994A&A...286..481D|    1|    1|      C-C|De Medeiros J.R., Duquennoy A., Lebre A. and Burki G.
198|1994A&A...287...95M|    1|    1|     Conv|Mantegazza L., Poretti E. and Bossi M.
199|1994A&A...288..819S|    1|    1|     Conv|Schmutz W., Schild H., Muerset U. and Schmid H.M.
200|1994A&A...291..757K|    7|    6|     Conv|Kilian-Montenbruck J., Gehren T., and Nissen P.E.
201|1994A&A...291..919F|    2|    2|       LW|Farthmann M., Dreizler S., Heber U., and Hunger K.,
202|1994A&AS..103..413S|    2|    2|     FWHM|Strassmeier K.G.
203|1994A&AS..106..597C|    2|    2|      C-C|Carquillat J.M., Ginestet N., Duquennoy A. and Pedoussant A.
204|1994AJ....107..306H|   35|   35|     Conv|Hale A.
205|1994AJ....107.1422P|   32|   32|      C-C|Prosser C.F.
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207|1994AJ....108..262O|    1|    1|     FWHM|Olson E.C and Etzel P.B.
208|1994AJ....108..964P|   42|   42|      C-C|Prosser C.F. and Giampapa M.
209|1994AJ....108.1936F|    2|    2|     FWHM|Fekel F.C., Dadonas V., Sperauskas J., Vaccaro T.R. and Patterson L.R.
210|1994ApJ...429..L81G|    1|    1|     FTLP|Gulliver A.F., Hill G. and Adelman S.J.
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212|1994Obs...124..294G|    1|    1|      C-C|Griffin R.F
213|1995A&A...293..107D|    1|    1|     FTLP|Donati J.-F.,Henry G.W. and Hall D.S.
214|1995A&A...293..746M|   18|   18|      REF|Mathys G.
215|1995A&A...294..536H|    9|    9|     Conv|Hill G.M.
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218|1995A&A...301..155B|   24|   24|     Conv|Bohm T. and Catala C.
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221|1995A&A...303L..33H|    1|    1|     Conv|Heber U., Moehler S. and Groote D.
222|1995A&AS..111..423B|   51|   37|     Conv|Ballereau D., Chauville J. and Zorec J.
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229|1995ApJ...453..214P|   67|   67|     Conv|Peterson R.C., Rood R.T. and Crocker D.A.
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231|1995MNRAS.273..559J|   16|   16|      C-C|Jeffries R.D.
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234|1995PASJ...47..337T|    1|    1|     Conv|Takeda Y.
235|1995PASP..107...22H|    1|    1|     FTLP|Hale A.
236|1996A&A...306..477S|    1|    1|     Conv|Schild H., Muerset U. and Schmutz W.
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294|1998A&A...329..155P|    4|    4|     Conv|Paunzen E., Heiter U., Handler G., Garrido R., Solano E., Weiss W.W. and Gelbman M.
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296|1998A&A...330..541H|    1|    1|     Conv|Hatzes A.P.
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351|2000A&A...354..112M|    1|    1|     Conv|Mantegazza L., Zerbi F.M. and Sacchi A.
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361|2000A&AS..144..203H|   10|   10|     FWHM|Hui-Bon-Hoa A.
362|2000A&AS..144..317C|    4|    4|      C-C|Carquillat J.M. and Ginestet N.
363|2000A&AS..147..299G|   16|   16|      C-C|Griffin R.E.M., David M. And Verschueren W.
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374|2000ApJS..130..201H|  145|  145|     FWHM|Henry G.W., Fekel F.C., Henry S.M. and Hall D.S.
375|2000MNRAS.314..199L|    1|    1|      C-C|Lehner N., Dufton P..L., Lambert D.L., Ryans R.S.I. and Keenan F.P..
376|2000MNRAS.316..950J|   24|   24|      C-C|Jeffries R.D., Totten E.J. And James D.J.
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382|2001A&A...374..957S|   15|   15|     FTLP|Solano E., Paunzen E., Pintado O.I. and Varela J.
383|2001A&A...375..100M|    1|    1|     Conv|Marino G., Catalano S., Frasca A. and Marilli E.
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