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#-- II/83 OAO2 filter Photometry of 531 stars (Code+ 1980)
#---Table: II/83/./notes.dat Notes to catalog  (311 records)
#        ID A8     ---   Designation of the star, generally HD,
#                         repeated when several lines are required.
#      Text A72    ---   Text of remark
ID      |Text
HD   358| SB2, B8+B8.5 and Dm=1.35.
HD   432| Variable type {delta} Sct. A=0.06mag. These observations were obtained
HD   432| at JD 2,441,099.54, JD 2,441,099.61, JD 2,441,142.77, and
HD   432| JD 2,441,142.84.
HD   886| Variable type {beta}C, A=0.07mag. Mean UV magnitudes.
HD  1337| Variable type EB, A=0.15mag. This observation obtained at {phi}=0.70
HD  1337| and JD 2,441,442.812.
HD  1522| IDS, Dm(AC)=4.8.
HD  3369| ADS 513. Dm(AB)=4.26 and Sp(B)=F0 V. 3369{AA} is a SB2, B5+B5
HD  3369| and Dm=3.17:.
HD  4614| ADS 671. Dm(AB)=4.07, Dm(AH)=5.0, and Sp(B)=dM0.
HD  4727| SB2, B5+B6 and Dm=0.76.
HD  5394| Prototype {gamma}C variable. A=1.4mag. These magnitudes represent a
HD  5394| mean of one observation on JD 2,440,763, three observabons on
HD  5394| JD 2,441,142, one observation on JD2,441,338, and one observation on
HD  5394| JD 2,441,435. There is no strong indication of UV variability.
HD  5737| The UV variability reported for this star by Bernacca and Molnar
HD  5737| (1972ApJ...178..189B) disappears when the observations are corrected
HD  5737| for optical degradation.
HD  8538| Variable type EA?. A=0.08mag. These magnitudes represent a mean of
HD  8538| observations obtained at {phi} = 0.09, 0.14, and 0.64.
HD 10783| Variable type {alpha}CVn. A=0.22mag. The OAO observations were obtained
HD 10783| at {phi} = 0.34, 0.45, 0.49, 0.50, 0.52, 0.54, and 0.57.
HD 13161| SB2, A6+A6 and Dm=1.19.
HD 13174| IDS, Dm(AB)=3.6, Dm(AC)=2.6, and Sp(B)=F2.
HD 15089| ADS 1860, Dm(AB)=2.25, Dm(AB-C)=3.89, Sp(B)=F5, and Sp(C)=dG4.
HD 15089| ADS 1860A is a variable of type {alpha}CVn. A=0.03mag.
HD 15089| The magnitudes reported here are for {phi}=0.35, ultraviolet maximum.
HD 15089| The.degradation corrections for the magnitudes at 1550{AA} and 1430{AA}
HD 15089| were derived from A2 stars.
HD 16582| Variable type {beta}C. A=0.06mag. This observation obtained at
HD 16582| JD 2,441,155.848.
HD 18622|/3 IDS. Dm(AB)=1.11 and Sp(B)=A2. The visual binary is also a
HD 18622| spectroscopic binary.
HD 21291| ADS 2544. Dm(AB)=4.3.
HD 21455| ADS 2560. Dm(AB)=4.6.
HD 21641| ADS 2579. Dm(AB)=3.84.
HD 23288| Double from lunar occultation. Dm=2.02.
HD 23302| Double from lunar occultation. Dm>=2.10.
HD 23338| IDS. Dm(AB)=3.7.
HD 23401| IDS. Dm(AC)=3.9.
HD 23850| ADS 2786. Dm(AB)=1.68.
HD 23862| BU Tau, Variable type {gamma}C. A=0.4mag. This observation was
HD 23862| obtained at JD 2,441,153.08.
HD 24534| Variable type {gamma}C. A=0.6mag. These observations were obtained at
HD 24534| JD 2,440,259.90 and JD 2,441,394.07. There is no indication of
HD 24534| UV variability from these observations.
HD 26965|/76 {omicron}2 Eri = ADS 3093. Dm(AB)=5.09, Dm(BC)=1.6, Dm(Ba)=2.5,
HD 26965| Dm(Bb)=2.8, Sp(C)=dM4.5e. The magnitudes representing 40 Eri B alone
HD 26965| are the average of one observation offset to exclude ADS 3093A with
HD 26965| two observations corrected to remove the contribution of ADS 3093A.
HD 26965| No corrections were made for components C, a, and b.
HD 26976| {omicron}2 Eri B = ADS 3093B. Dm(BA)=-5.09, Dm(BC)=1.6, Dm(Ba)=2.5,
HD 26976| Dm(Bb)=2.8, Sp(A)=K1V, and Sp(C)=dM4.5e. Two of the three observations
HD 26976| averaged here included ADS 3093A (HR 1325) in the field of view.
HD 26976| Corrections were made to remove the contribution of ADS 3093A, but no
HD 26976| corrections were made for components C, a, and b.
HD 27290| Variable type {delta} Sct?. A=0.06mag. This observation was obtained
HD 27290| at JD 2,441,510.13.
HD 27376| Visual double? Dm(AB)=1.0? Duplicity doubtful (Jeffers et al. IDS 1963)
HD 29139| Variable type Lb. A=0.20mag. This observation was obtained at
HD 29139| JD 2,440,262.97.
HD 31964| Variable type EA. A=1.04mag. This observation was obtained at
HD 31964| JD 2,441,220.46 ({phi}=0.57).
HD 32343|/57  IDS. Dm(AB)=1.0 and Sp(B)=gG5.
HD 33949| ADS 3800. Dm(AB)=2.9.
HD 34029| SB2, G5III+G0III and Dm=0.25.
HD 34078| ADS 3843, Dm(AB)=3.3.ADS 3843A is a variable of type Ina. A=0.7mag.
HD 34078| These magnitudes represent a mean of observations obtained at
HD 34078| JD 2,440,834.77, JD 2,440,837.28, and JD 2,441,035.84.
HD 35149| ADS 3962. Dm(AB)=2.19 and Sp(B)=B3Vn.
HD 35411| ADS 4002. Dm(AB)=1.39. ADS 4002A is a SB2 B1V+B2: and Dm=0.47.
HD 35411| It is also a variable of type EB. A=0.21mag.
HD 35411| The OAO measurements were obtained at JD 2,440,264.98, JD 2,440,284.90,
HD 35411| and JD 2,440,284.98.
HD 35439| IDS. 25 Ori is component C. Dm(CA)=3.4, Dm (CB)=3.6, Sp(A)=A, and
HD 35439| Sp(B)=A0.
HD 35671| ADS 4038. Dm(AB)=4.8 and Sp(B)=F8V.
HD 35921| ADS 4072. Dm(AB)=1.5. ADS 4072A is LY Aur, an EB type variable.
HD 35921| A=0.67mag. These magnitudes were obtained at {phi}=0.40, 0.42, and
HD 35921| 0.54. Cruz-Gonzilez et al. (1974RMxAA...1..211C) give V=7.30 after
HD 35921| correction for the companion.
HD 36485|/6 ADS 4134. Dm(AC)=4.62 and Sp(C)=B2V.
HD 36591| ADS 4141. Dm(AB)=4.5.
HD 36861|/2  ADS 4179. Dm(AB)=2.02 and Sp(B)=B0.5V.
HD 37020|/42  ADS 4186 and ADS 4188 (whose components are distinguished here
HD 37020| by primes). ADS 4186C has the spectral type O6e4p and is used here as
HD 37020| the reference star.  Dm(CA)=1.59, Dm(CB)=2.83, Dm(CD)=1.57,
HD 37020| Dm(CA')=0.05, Dm(CB')=1.26, Dm(CC')=2.5, Sp(A)=B0.5Vp,
HD 37020| Sp(B)=B3, Sp(D)=B0.5Vp, Sp(A')=O9.5Vp, Sp(B')=B0.5V. ADS 4186A is
HD 37020| {theta}1 Ori A, an EA variable with A=1.0mag.
HD 37020| ADS 4186 is BM Ori, an EA variable with A=0.7mag.
HD 37043| ADS 4193. Dm(AB)=4.53 and Sp(B)=B8. ADS 4193A is a SB2, O8.5+O8.5 and
HD 37043| Dm=1.99.
HD 37202| Variable type {gamma}C. A=0.13mag. OAO observations were obtained at
HD 37202| JD 2,440,261.51, JD 2,440,261.64, JD 2,440,436.58, JD 2,441,034.17,
HD 37202| JD 2,441,034.24, JD 2,441,034.31, and JD 2,441,039.39.
HD 37468| ADS 4241, Dm(AB)=2.0, Dm(AB-C)=5.03, Dm(AB-D)=2.86, Dm(AB-E)=2.89,
HD 37468| Sp(C)=A2V, Sp(D)=B2V:, and Sp(E)=B2Vp.
HD 37742|/3 ADS 4263. Dm(AB)=2.11 and Sp(B)=B0III.
HD 37903| This photometry includes a portion of the HII region NGC 2023.
HD 38392|/3 ADS 4334. Dm(AB)=2.55 and Sp(B)=K2V.
HD 39801| Variable type SRc, A=0.88mag. This observation was obtained at
HD 39801| JD 2,440,263.94.
HD 40183| Variable type EA, A=0.09mag. These observations were obtained at
HD 40183| JD 2,441,397.76, JD 2,441,397.83, JD 2,441,398.04, and
HD 40183| JD 2,441,398.95.
HD 40183| SB2, A2IV and Dm=0.13.
HD 40312| ADS 4566. Dm(AB)=4.51 and Sp(B)=G.
HD 42087| ADS 4751. Dm(AB)=4.1.
HD 42933| Variable type EB, A=0.23mag. OAO observations were obtained at
HD 42933| {phi} = 0.40, 0.52, and 0.62.
HD 44743| Variable type {beta}C, A=0.07mag. These observations were obtained at
HD 44743| JD 2,440,265.55, JD 2,440,265.82, and JD 2,441,023.02.
HD 45542| ADS 5103. Dm(A-BC)=3.79 and Sp(BC)=A2V.
HD 45546| IDS. Dm(AB)=4.2 and Dm(AC)=4.2.
HD 45725|/7 ADS 5107, Dm(AB)=0.46, Dm(AC)=0.82, and Sp(B)=B3.
HD 45910| Probable mass exchange binary. A=0.28mag.
HD 45910| SB2, B3nn+gK0. This observation was obtained on JD 2,440,497.29.
HD 46150| ADS 5165. Dm(AC)=5.0, Dm(AE)=2.7, and Sp(E)=B2V. This photometry
HD 46150| includes a portion of the HII region NGC 2237-9.
HD 46328| Variable type "{beta}C", A=0.06mag. This observation was obtained at
HD 46328| JD 2,441,175.08.
HD 47129| SB2, O8+O8 and Dm=0.78.
HD 47839| ADS 5322, ADS 5325 (whose components are distinguished here by primes),
HD 47839| and {SIGMA} 952. ADS 5322A is the brightest component and is used here
HD 47839| as the reference star. Dm(AB)=3.03, Dm(AD)=5.0, Dm(AF)=3.0, Dm(AK)=3.5,
HD 47839| Dm(AG)=3.5, Dm(Ad)=5.0, Dm(AA')=4.25,and Sp(B)=B7.
HD 47839| ADS 5322A is S Mon. a variable of type Ia?, A=0.4mag.
HD 47839| These observations were obtained at JD 2,440,501.89, JD 2,440,874.19,
HD 47839| and JD 2,441,412.11.
HD 50877| Variable type Lc, A=0.21mag. This observation was obtained at
HD 50877| JD 2,441,606.54.
HD 50896| Variable type E?, A=0.01mag. The observations of this star have been
HD 50896| described in Holm and Cassinelli (1977ApJ...211..432H)
HD 52877| Variable type Lc, A=0.06mag. This observation was obtained at
HD 52877| JD 2,441,606.75.
HD 53705|/6 IDS, Dm(AB)=1.29, Dm(AC)=3.15, Sp(B)=K0V, and Sp(C)=K5V.
HD 56139| Variable type {gamma}C, A=0.22mag. This observation was obtained at
HD 56139| JD 2,441,421.09.
HD 56986| ADS 5983, Dm(AB)=4.63 and Sp(B)=dK6.
HD 57061| ADS 5977, Dm(AD)=3.7.
HD 58350| IDS, Dm(AB)=4.5 and Sp(B)=A0.
HD 68243|/73 IDS, Dm(AB)=2.44 and Sp(B)=BIV. HD 68273 is a SB2, O9I+WC8 and
HD 68243| Dm=1.4 with the O9I component being the brighter (Conti and Smith
HD 68243| 1972ApJ...172..623C).
HD 68351| BM Cnc, variable type {alpha}CVn. A=0.12mag. The OAO2 observations
HD 68351| were obtained at {phi} = 0.38, 0.86, and 0.90.
HD 68457| ADS 6680, Dm(AB)=3.7 and Dm(AC)=4.03.
HD 70930| IDS, Dm(AB)=1.4.
HD 74198| IDS, Dm(AB)=4.0.
HD 78316| Variable type {alpha}CVn. A=0.05mag. These observations were obtained
HD 78316| at {phi} = 0.24 and 0.27.
HD 78418| IDS, Dm(AB)=3.1 and Dm(AC)=4.3.
HD 81809| lDS, Dm(AB)=0.9.
HD 88230| IDS, Dm(AB)=2.2 and Dm(AC)=3.3.
HD 91465| Variable type {gamma}C, A=0.17mag. This observation was obtained at
HD 91465| JD 2,440,798.92.
HD105435| IDS, Dm(AB)=1.82, Dm(AC)=3.72, Sp(B)=B2IIIne, and Sp(C)=B9. {delta} Cen
HD105435| is a variable of type {gamma}C with A=0.14mag. The magnitudes given
HD105435| here are means from observations at JD 2,440,985.51, JD 2,441,524.26,
HD105435| and JD 2,441,524.33.
HD108903|/25 IDS, Dm(AB)=4.79 and Sp(B)=A2.
HD111123| Interferometric double, Dm=2.9. Variable type {beta}C. A=0.06mag.
HD111123| These observations were obtained at JD 2,440,413.10, JD 2,440,986.89,
HD111123| and JD 2,440,987.03.
HD112412|/3 ADS 8706, Dm(AB)=2.71 and Sp(B)=F0V. ADS 8706A is the prototype
HD112412| {alpha}CV variable with A=0.03mag. The data presented here are from
HD112412| {phi}=0.0.
HD113001| ADS 8734, Dm(AB)=0.6 and Sp(B)=O9.
HD116658| SB2, B2V+B2V and Dm=1.49. (Dm=2.0 according to Herbison-Evans et al.,
HD116658| 1971MNRAS.151..161B). Variable type "Ell({beta}C)" with A=0.07mag.
HD116658| These observations were obtained at JD 2,440,253.29, JD 2,440,255.04,
HD116658| and JD 2,440,359.61.
HD118716| Variable type {beta}C, A=0.01mag. These observations were obtained at
HD118716| JD 2,440,805.96 and JD 2,440,987.25.
HD120324| Variable type {gamma}C with A=0.5mag. This star was observed by OAO2
HD120324| once on JD 2,440,323, three times on JD 2,440,807, once on
HD120324| JD 2,441,178, once on JD 2,441,179, and twice on JD 2,441,180.
HD120709|/10 IDS, Dm(AB)=1.38 and Sp(B)=B8V.
HD121263| SB2, Dm=0.5.
HD122451| IDS, Dm(AB)=3.2.
HD125823| V761 Cen = Bidelman's helium variable, A=0.05mag. These magnitudes
HD125823| represent a mean of observations obtained throughout period. The
HD125823| spectral type varies from B2V to B7IV (Jaschek et al.
HD125823| 1968ApJ...153L..87J). The UV energy distribution is compatible with
HD125823| the earlier spectral type (Molnar 1974ApJ...187..531M).
HD127762| Variable type {delta} Sct, A=0.05mag. These observations were obtained
HD127762| at JD 2,441,135.11, JD 2,441,135.18, JD 2,441,135.26, JD 2,441,135.33,
HD127762| JD 2,441,135.73, and JD 2,441,135.81.
HD128620|/1 IDS, Dm(AB)=1.34 and Sp(B)=K0V.
HD129056| Variable type {beta}C, A=0.03mag. This observation was obtained at
HD129056| JD 2,440,815.35.
HD129926| ADS 9375, Dm(AB)=1.98 and Sp(B)=dF9.
HD133029| ADS 9477, Dm(AB)=3.19. ADS 9477A is BX Boo, a variable of type
HD133029| {alpha}CVn, A=0.08mag. These magnitudes are a mean of observations at
HD133029| JD 2,441,271.07, JD 2,441,271.14, and JD 2,441,271.91.
HD133955| IDS, Dm(AB)=0.3.
HD135240| The photometry is contaminated by HD 135160 (B0.5V, V=5.73).
HD136298| Variable type {beta}C with A=0.03mag. The OAO2 observations were
HD136298| obtained at JD 2,440,989.83, JD 2,441,182.17, JD 2,441,182.24, and
HD136298| JD 2,441,182.32.
HD136504| IDS, Dm(AB)=1.7. SB2.
HD138485| Variable type ?. This observahon was obtained at JD 2,440,312.27.
HD138690| IDS, Dm(AB)=0.0.
HD138749| IDS, Dm(AB)=1.5.
HD141522| Prototype R CrB variable with A=9mag. This observation was obtained at
HD141522| JD 2,441,201.79.
HD142114| ADS 9823, Dm(AB)=2.0.
HD142184| Variable type ?. The OAO2 observations were obtained at
HD142184| JD 2,440,316.87 and JD 2,440,997.72.
HD142883| Variable type {beta}C?, A=0.014mag. These magnitudes represent a mean
HD142883| of observations at JD 2,440,316.73, JD 2,440,824.82, JD 2,440,997.55,
HD142883| and JD 2,440,997.62.
HD142983| FX Lib. Variable type {gamma}C with A=0.17mag.  These magnitudes
HD142983| represent a mean of observations at JD 2,440,316.16 and
HD142983| JD 2,440,311.86.
HD143018| SB2, B1V+B2 and Dm=1.2.
HD143118| IDS, Dm(AB)=4.23 and Sp(B)=A3Vn.
HD143275| Interferometric double, Dm=1.9.
HD143761| IDS. Dm(AB)=3.2.
HD144217|/8 ADS 9913. Dm(AC)=2.29 and Sp(C)=B2V. ADS 9913A is a SB2, B0.5V+B
HD144217| and Dm=1.26.
HD145501|/2 ADS 9951. Dm(AB)=2.5, Dm(AB-CD)=2.25, Sp(B)=B9p, Sp(C)=B8V, and
HD145501| Sp(D)=B9Vp.
HD147165| Variable type {beta}C with A=0.12mag. These observations were obtained
HD147165| at JD 2,440,308.86 and JD 2,440,317.43.
HD147933|/4 ADS 10049, Dm(AB)=0.43, Dm(AC)=2.68, Dm(AD)=1 7, Dm(AE)=2.9,
HD147933| Sp(B)=B2V, Sp(C)=B6V, and Sp(D)=B5V.
HD148184| Variable type {gamma}C with A=0.82mag. These magnitudes are the mean
HD148184| of one observation at JD 2,440,317.84 and 47 observations obtained
HD148184| between JD 2,440,822.87 and JD 2,440,829.42.
HD148688| IDS, Dm(AC)=4.3.
HD150265| Variable type EA. A=1.1mag. This photometry was obtained at
HD150265| JD 2,441,217.12 ({phi}=0.22). Source of spectral type and visual
HD150265| magnitude is Kukarkin et al. (GCVS3, 1969).
HD150680| ADS 10157. Dm(AB)=2.58 and Sp(B)=K0V. The visual binary is also a
HD150680| spectroscopic binary.
+13 3224| Variable of unknown type, A=0.1mag. This observation was obtained
+13 3224| at JD 2,441,386.70.
HD157056| Variable type {beta}C. A=0.04mag. Mean UV magnitudes.
HD158926| Variable type {beta}C. A=0.06mag. Mean UV magnitudes.
HD160578| Variable type {beta}C. A=0.03mag. Mean UV magnitudes.
HD163506| V441 Her. Variable type SRd with A=0.14mag. This observation was
HD163506| obtained at JD 2,440,682.31.
HD164794| These magnitudes include a contribution from the HII region M8.
HD165341| ADS 11046. Dm(AB)=1.79 and Sp(B)=dK6. The visual binary is also a
HD165341| spectroscopic binary.
HD166014| Variable type Ia?. A=0.09mag. This observation was obtained at
HD166014| JD 2,440,331.77.
HD168021| ADS 11240. Dm(AB)=0.5, Dm(AC)=0.58, Dm(AE)=4.2, and Sp(C)=B0.
HD168905| IDS, Dm(AB)=4.6.
HD170580| ADS 11399, Dm(AB)=4.60.
HD173524| SB2, A0+A0 and Dm=0.26.
HD174107| Nova Aquilae 1918. These observations were obtained at JD 2,440,661.49
HD174107| and JD 2,440,662.53. The photometry has been corrected for the field
HD174107| star BD+00 4022.
HD176051| ADS 11871, Dm(AB)=2.40.
HD178911| ADS 12101, Dm(AB)=1.38.
HD182989| Variable type RRab, A=1.06mag. These magnitudes are from observations
HD182989| obtained at JD 2,440,673.187 ({phi}=0.985).
HD186882| ADS 12880, Dm(AB)=3.52.
HD226868| The optical counterpart of Cygnus X-1, A=0.09mag. These magnitudes are
HD226868| the mean of observations at JD 2,441,449.91 and JD 2,441,646.00.
HD226868| Corrections have been made for field stars brighter than mpg=12.5.
HD192577| ADS 13554, Dm(AC)=3.19, Dm(AD)=1.19, Sp(C)=B5V, and Sp(D)=A2.
HD192577| ADS 13554A is V695 Cyg, an EA variable with A=0.11mag. These
HD192577| observations were obtained at JD 2,441,268. V695 Cyg is also SB2,
HD192577| K4Ib+B4V and Dm=1.7mag.
HD192909|/10 {omicron}2 Cyg. Variable type EA with A=0.13mag. These magnitudes
HD192909| represent a mean of observations obtained on JD 2,440,718.08 and
HD192909| JD 2,440,760.83, when the early-type component was out of eclipse.
HD193237| Variable type SD with A=3mag. These observations were obtained at
HD193237| JD 2,440,941.29, JD 2,440,941.36, JD 2,441,268.43, and JD 2,441,270.17.
HD193322| ADS 13672, Dm(AB)=2.56.
HD195556| ADS 13932, Dm(AC)=4.5.
HD196178| IDS, Dm(AB)=4.1.
HD196662| ADS 14099, Dm(AB)=1.3.
L116-79 | Spectral type and photometry from Bell (1962Obs....82...68B)
HD198183| ADS 14296, Dm(AB)=1.37.
HD199081| SB2, B3+B3 and Dm=0.34.
HD200310| ADS 14549, Dm(AB)=4.2.
HD202214| ADS 14749, Dm(AB)=0.58 and Dm(AC)=3.1.
HD204172| ADS 14969, Dm(AB)=4.4.
HD205637| IDS, Dm(AB)=4.8. Component A is a variable of type {gamma}C, A=0.28mag.
HD205637| This observation was obtained at JD 2,441,256.17.
HD206267| ADS 15184, Dm(AC)=2.46, Dm(AD)=2.38, and Sp(C)=Sp(D)=B0V.
HD206697| Variable type UG with A=3.9mag. These magnitudes represent the mean of
HD206697| three observations obtained during outburst at JD 2,441,669.
HD206697| SB2. Corrections have been made for field stars.
HD207129| IDS, Dm(AB)=3.11 and Sp(B)=K5V?.
HD207757| Variable type Z And, A=3.4mag. These observations were obtained at
HD207757| JD 2,440,718.43.
HD208816| Variable type EA, A=0.81mag. This observation was obtained at
HD208816| JD 2,440,717.60. SB2, Dm=1.72.
HD208905| ADS 15499. Dm(AB)=0.0.
HD209339| IDS. Dm(AB)=2.0.
HD209481| SB2, O9.5+O9.5 and Dm=0.48. This star is LZ Cep, a variable of type EB.
HD209481| A=0.10mag. This observation was obtained at {phi}=0.92.
HD214419| Variable type EB, A=0.49mag. This observation was obtained at
HD214419| {phi}=0.86.
HD217675| Variable type {gamma}C. A=0.13mag. The OAO2 observations were obtained
HD217675| at JD 2,440,942.48, JD 2,440,942.54, and JD 2,440,944.49.
HD217833| ADS 16474. Dm(AB)=2.77 and Dm(AC)=4.21.
HD217906| Variable type Lb with A=0.5mag. This observation was obtained at
HD217906| JD 2,440,388.25.
HD222107| Variable type SR with A=0.39mag. This observation was obtained at
HD222107| JD 2,440,416.86.
HD223640| ET Aqr, variable type {alpha}CVn with A=0.05mag. This observation was
HD223640| obtained at JD 2,441,347.78.
HD224930| ADS 17175, Dm(AC)=2.8.