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 Diffuse Interstellar Bands (DIB) are broad absorption bands in the
 visual and near-IR spectrum of stars behind diffuse clouds. The
 absorptions are thought to be due to electronic transitions
 in large molecules, but the specific molecules have not been
 identified. The absorbed energy will be emitted in
 the mid infrared. A direkt link with the Unidentified Infrared
 Bands (UIB) is suggested, but has not been established. We
 propose to test this hypothesis by measuring the relative band
 ratios of UIBs for lines of sight with significantly varying
 diffuse interstellar band spectra. If variations in the
 DIB spectrum reflect abundance variations of the carrier, then
 there should be a direct correlation between DIB spectrum and
 UIB spectrum. We propose to measure the UIB spectrum with
 ISOPHOT-S in a number of lines of sight in astrophysical
 environments that are very similar but show pronounced differences
 in the DIB spectrum.

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