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 The dust grains play important roles in the interstellar processes,
 but the identification of grain material is a long standing problem
 in the present-day astrophysics.  The AGB stars are one of the major
 sources of dust grains and detailed studies of their IR spectra are
 of particular importance for the identification of the material.
 The IRAS LRS data base, in fact, has provided very valuable
 information on the circumstellar dust grains.  It has shown
 that the IR spectra of AGB stars have many varieties with several
 unidentified features (UFs) and that several kinds of dust grains
 seem to be forming.

 We propose to study systematically with SWS the UFs commonly observed
 in two different groups of AGB stars.  In each group the
 characteristic feature is observed in many stars, which may indicate
 common properties of circumstellar dust grains: For carbon-rich stars,
 we focus on the 8-9 micron feature; for oxygen-rich AGB stars, we
 concentrate on narrow features superposed on the 10 micron silicate

 The aim of our proposal is twofold:
 1) to obtain the detailed profile of these UFs in selected wavelength
 2) to explore the entire spectrum between 2.4 and 45 micron and to
 search for any other features which may be associated with these UFs.

 With this study we will be able to identify the circumstellar dust
 grains and we expect to better understand their properties.

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