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This proposal is to investigate an all sky sample of dense
molecular clouds and very cold IRAS sources for evidence of
protostellar objects. The prime aim is to use of the
high sensitivity of ISO to search for pure inflow sources
with no attendant outflows, and hence investigate the very first stages
of stellar evolution. We would be able to determine the low end of the
luminosity function of embedded IR sources in these clouds, and
answer whether or not the initial mass function is truncated at around
0.7Ms as suggested by some in the literature.

For this part of the proposal (part 1) it is intended to observe dense globules
or molecular cores for evidence of protostellar condensations. In this case
'detections' at two wavelengths will be sufficient by way of survey. Positive
detections must be followed up at a later date. The AOT PHT32 will be used at
100um with C100, and 200um with C200. A strip scan will be
made in each case with 4 pointings. For the C100 strip scan 26s integration
per raster pointing (13 chopper steps, 2s per chop step) are used, and for the
C200 strip scan 14sec integration per raster pointing (7 chopper steps, 2s per
chop step). The total spacecraft times quoted in the target
lists have been derived using manuals provided.

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