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This is a solicited proposal to supplement the STARTYP1/2
programme goal of obtaining stellar template spectra.  As part of the
requirements for a solicited proposal, we agree to make the data
from this proposal available one month after despatch from ESA
through our web server at
We propose to concentrate this effort towards sources which are
poorly represented in the existing ISO database.  These sources include MK
types of some main sequence sources (B,A and M dwarves), a few classes of
giants (F and M), LRS class 2x with [12]-[25] colors between 1.1 and
2.1, and redder C stars (LRS 4x).
The primary objective of the STARTYP1/2 proposal is to
construct an ISO data-base for spectral classification of the
brightest representive sources characterized by the IRAS Low
Resolution Spectrometer (LRS) classification, the NASA Ames AI
classification of the LRS and a sampling based on MK spectral
type or IRAS color. In order to obtain the large and
statistically significant data-base required to develop a
comprehensive spectral classification scheme, we propose to
complement and add to spectral measurements proposed by other
central program and open time observers. We also need to include
the spectral measurements made for calibration and "benchmarking"
purposes. Consequently, except for the data for which the SWS and
SOT consortia have the rights, we will have to wait until the data
taken by others get into the public domain to proceed with the
classification effort.
The majority of our dedicated time will be devoted to
observations with the SWS in the rapid scan mode, SWS01, and with
PHOT in the PHT-S mode.

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