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==> In this proposal, more time is being requested for RWEHRSE.MD_STRAT
We propose (i) to obtain spectrophotometric background fluxes using ISOPHOT for
8 M dwarfs for which observation times have been granted in the first round and
(ii) to upgrade 10800 s of observation priority 2 to priority 1 (due to the
autumn launch 7200 s were allocated for priority 1 and 10200 s for priority 2,
for a spring launch all 18000 s had been in class 1). The wavelength range to
be covered is  2 - 12 micron and the integration times for the background
should be identical to those for the stars.
By obtaining accurate background fluxes we expect to improve the accuracies of
the objects' flux distributions by a wide margin; in particular, flux gradients
which contain most of the information on the objects will become much more
reliable. Since the atmospheric parameters of the stars to be determined depend
on the fluxes in a highly non-linear way we await a super-linear reduction of
the errors. Furthermore, the significance of differences between the object
types will be strengthened.
The upgrading of the observations is requested in order to make sure that
the dependence of the radial temperature and pressure distributions
(and therefore the start of the convection zone) on the effective temperature
and the coronal activity can be investigated properly.

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