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==> In this proposal, more time is being requested for RWATERS.OBDWARF
We propose to obtain high S/N spectra of selected hydrogen lines in hot
OB dwarfs in order to probe the outer regions of their atmosphere and
the region in which the onset of the radiation driven wind occurs.
These outer regions are very difficult to study with other observing
techniques because lines are often saturated and are formed over a very
wide range of depths.  We have already obtained ISO spectra of some
stars, and detected emission in several, demonstrating the success of
the approach.  Here we ask for more observing time in order to complete
the programme, which was severely compromised by the reduced in-orbit
sensitivities of ISO, resulting in a present sample which is
statistically not significant.  With these data we will determine the
mass loss rate and its dependence on stellar rotation rate.

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