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 We wish to measure the spectral indices of Wolf-Rayet winds
 in the wavelength range - the mid- to far infrared - believed
 to be determined in the accelerating region of the winds.
 These data will be combined with ground-based (sub)millimetre
 and radio data to form spectral energy distributions over
 four decades of wavelength for comparison with wind models.
 The spectral indices are determined by recombination in the
 winds, itself determined by the electron and ion densities,
 which are determined by the radial velocity and ionization
 profiles in the wind. We are particularly interested in the
 velocity profiles as these shed light on the still poorly
 understood wind driving mechanism. We also seek spectra of
 two of the lowest excitation nitrogen sequence stars, one of
 which (WR122) appears to have a spectral energy distribution
 from ground-based observations quite unlike any other. This
 star may be a transition object in a very short-lived phase
 of its evolution and will be directly compared with another
 star of a more common subtype and believed to be near the
 beginning of its WR phase.

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