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We propose to use PHOT to measure the 25 mu to 200 mu emission of a
remarkable, new protostellar clump recently discovered by us in the Taurus
molecular cloud with the IRAM 30m telescope at 1.3 mm. There is no IRAS
source at this position. Deep ISOCAM images at 7.75 mu and 15 mu show no
mid-IR source either. However, the clump is associated with a weak 3.6cm
VLA radio source and a collimated CO outflow. Furthermore, millimeter line
observations provide evidence that the clump is collapsing. It is thus
likely a young accreting (Class 0) protostar similar to, but less massive
and less evolved than, VLA1623 or L1527. The proposed PHOT observations
will give unique constraints on the bolometric luminosity and temperature
of this source, which are currently poorly known. This should allow us to
determine whether the clump is indeed a Class 0 protostar or an isothermal
protostar with no central YSO.

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