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This proposal is intended as a follow up to the Guaranteed time proposal
by N. Trams et al (NTRAMS, LMCAGB1 and LMCAGB2). In that proposal photometry
was obtained of a group of AGB stars in the LMC. The observations were
limited to 12, 25 and 60 microns, and for some object PHOT-S spectra were
obtained. Unfortunately the quality of the spectra, as well as the
quality of the 60 micron photometry was insufficient. The spectra are
important to be able to see the effect of different chemistry on the
infrared colours of AGB stars in the Magellanic Clouds. In our own
galaxy it is known that oxygen rich and carbon rich AGB stars have
different IR colours (the O-rich stars being brighter at 12 micron due
to the silicate feature). We therefore propose to obtain spectra for a
subsample of the objects observed in the guaranteed time with higher
S/N using the ISOCAM instrument. We have also included 10 SMC AGB stars from
the GT programme of J. Blommaert (JBLOMMAE, SMC_AGB) in the target list.
The 60 micron photometry is especially important for the mass loss rate,
since at this wavelength we observe the Rayleigh-Jeans end of the dust
energy distribution. The ISOPHOT observations done in the guaranteed time
were severely hampered by the reduction of the sensitivity of the instrument.
In this proposal we therefore propose to observe a subsample of the stars
observed in the guaranteed time, using ISOPHOT in raster mapping mode,
in order to get a much better background and flatfield determination, to
increase the detection rate of these (faint objects).

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