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 HI emission and absorption line studies with the ATCA reveal a
 surprisingly high fraction of cool HI gas in the LMC. No CO has
 been detected in most of these regions, which show unusually low
 temperatures down to 4 K. Therefore, we are faced with a numerous
 population of dense and cold clouds, which consist primarily of
 atomic neutral hydrogen. These clumps may be a key to understand
 the high star formation activity in the LMC. The cooling mechanism
 of these clouds, some of which are located in warm surroundings, is,
 however, still an open question. The resolution and sensitivity of
 the ISO telescope offers a unique opportunity to study the
 heating/cooling balance of these clouds in the LMC.
 Therefore, we propose to observe the dominant cooling lines [CII],
 [OI], and [NII] to achieve this scientific goal as a further
 step towards the understanding of star formation in the LMC.

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