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We propose to make spectroscopic observations of the giant planets 
(Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune) using the LWS and SWS instruments.
In addition, some CAM-CVF and PHOT-S observations will be made. The 
scientific goals are:

  -  To make complete spectral surveys using the SWS and LWS, with 
     additional dedicated observations of particular lines.  This will
     allow the determination of the concentrations of the most important 
     atmospheric species, and will establish a chemical inventory of the 
     atmospheric composition, which will assist in characterising the 
     tropospheric and stratospheric chemistry.

  -  To establish the deuterium:hydrogen (D:H) and helium:hydrogen (He:H) 
     ratios in the atmospheres of the giant planets.  This will shed light
     on their primordial abundances and on the formation of the solar 

  -  To investigate the transport of material from the deep atmosphere 
     through the tropopause into the stratosphere.

  -  To investigate the effects of clouds on the FIR continuum emission.

A full discussion of the scientific case is give in the CP programmes of 
the LWS Solar System SAG and the Mission Scientists.

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