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 Nearby radio galaxies provide excellent sites for the study of the
 active galaxy phenomenon at low powers, including the formation of
 radio jets, the properties of active galactic nuclei, and the
 nature of the fuel source. Here we propose to make multi-band IR
 images of a complete sample of nearby radio galaxies (z < 0.03)
 for which good radio-to-X-ray data are available. The images can
 be analyzed to remove the galactic starlight, so that an
 uncontaminated measure of the nuclear IR emission can be obtained.
 This measurement will extend the multifrequency spectral data on
 these galaxies, including imaging their inner radio jets (some of
 which should be detected through their IR synchrotron emission),
 at a sensitivity that cannot be attained from the ground.

 The data may reveal the presence of suspected central gas and dust
 regions that fuel the active nuclei. The results from this
 complement the ISO extragalactic guaranteed time programme by
 extending the sample of radio galaxies already being observed to
 lower redshifts, where details of the structures can be resolved,
 and by providing a group of active galaxies at similar redshifts
 to the samples of (largely non-active) early-type galaxies that
 will be observed in the field and in the Virgo and Perseus
 clusters. No comparable sample of low-power radio galaxies can be
 constructed from the list of objects currently planned for
 observation with ISO.

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