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The CfA sample of Seyfert galaxies is the standard for most AGN
studies in the near Universe. The complete sample is being studied by
ISO with imaging and photometry in the 200-15 um and low resolution
spectroscopy in the 2-12um range. We propose to complement the ISO
database with SWS02 of the brightest members of the sample,
i.e. F(12um)>=300mJy, for which high quality line spectroscopy is
guaranteed. We propose to observe the high ionization lines:
[NeV]14.3, [OIV]25.9 and [MgVIII]3.03 um (plus [SiIX] which
appear to be the strongest in recent SWS spectra of AGN. The study of
these lines will allow us to:
1) infer on the shape and strength of the usually absorbed 50-200 eV
ionizing spectrum in Seyferts;
2) discuss the emission processes on the basis of photoionization PLUS
shocks composite models.

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