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==> In this proposal, more time is being requested for KERIKSSO.AGBSPEC2
==> This proposal requests an upgrade from Priority 3 for KERIKSSO.AGBSPEC2
We are applying for discretionary time to make another ISO SWS06 observation of
the outer photosphere and the inner regions of the circumstellar shell of
the AGB star R Doradus for approximately 15 minutes. The aim is to gain
further insight into these regions' physical and chemical conditions. We will
observe the wavelength range where two Q-branches of CO2 are found (13.9 um
and 15.0 um). This observation would confirm or disprove a hypothesis for a
finding made from ISO data in the AGBSPEC2 program (PI: Kjell Eriksson,
Observer ID: KERIKSSO). This would increase the scientific return of ISO we

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