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==> In this proposal, more time is being requested for JCASSINE.PROP_BST
EUVE observations of two B stars show large Lyman continuum excesses
which are naturally explained as temperature excesses in the
extreme outer photospheres of these stars (Cassinelli et al. 1995;
Cassinelli et al. 1996).  Because the mid-infrared continua are
formed at the same physical depths in B star atmospheres, such temperature
excesses should also lead to IR excesses.  We propose to use ISO
(a) to better map out the Temperature-depth dependence in one of
the EUV-excess B stars (beta CMa), and (b) to search for temperature
excesses in other B stars, which are unobservable in the EUV.
The ubiquity and nature of such photospheric temperature excesses
have important implications for stellar atmosphere theory and
for models of the galactic ionizing radiation field.

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