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Observations of low mass stars, such as M dwarfs, are vital for models of our 
galaxy. Waters et al. (1987) showed that M stars were under-represented at IRAS 
wavelengths. Photometry will be performed to establish whether the infrared 
energy distribution of M dwarfs is of the thermal black-body type, or whether 
it is dominated by features, either from molecular absorption bands or dust 
emission. Photometry will be performed on a set of M dwarfs, which are not known
to have significant mass loss or optical emission features. 

PHT-P broad band photometry will be performed for all the stars proposed,
using P03 with 7 filters and a 99" aperture. The filters selected are;
7.7, 10, 12.8, 16, 25, 60, 100 um. The observations will use the chopper 
in rectangular mode, with a 120" chop. For GL726, the 100um band is not 
selected. The integration time selected is 32sec in all cases.
The times are estimated using the cookbook.

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