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This proposal is a inevitable extension of the work that has been started
with HLAMERS.HOTSTARS to follow the important stages of hot supergiant
evolution in the HRD and to calibrate the Wind-Momentum luminosity
relationship properly.
We propose to study the winds of massive stars in the high mass-loss phase of
their evolution, i.e. in stages from O- to A-supergiants. The intention is to
use the unique spectroscopic and photometric capability of ISO to measure
accurate strengths and profiles of H and He lines formed in stellar winds, and
the IR-continuum which is also formed in the wind. By means of detailed NLTE
radiative transfer and line formation techniques we will be possible to
determine rates of mass-loss and stratification of wind velocity fields much
more precisely than hitherto possible.
The results of this study will have important repercussions for our
understanding of massive star evolution. They will also provide a crucial test
for the theory of radiation driven winds, which is normally applied to predict
stellar wind properties as function of stellar parameters. Last but not least,
the results will be used to calibrate the Wind-Momentum Luminosity Relationship
(WLR) of blue supergiants which has been found very recently and which has
great potential for extragalactic distance determinations with an accuracy
rivalling that of the Period-Luminosty relationship of Cepheids.

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