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 We propose to measure the continuum emission between
 5 microns and 200 microns from a sample of 35 nearby
 elliptical galaxies selected to cover a wide range of
 properties.  The goals of this work are: (1) to measure
 the properties of interstellar dust in elliptical galaxies
 (grain size spectrum, long wavelength emissivity): (2)
 to measure the rate of injection of dust into the ISM
 by dying stars: and (3) to measure the total interstellar
 dust content and its distribution.  Together, these
 observations allow an investigation of the origin and
 evolution of the cold ISM in ellipticals.  In addition, we
 will use millimeter and radio wavelength observations
 of interstellar gas to measure the gas to dust ratio
 and X ray data to examine the balances among hot gas, cold
 gas, and star formation. Finally, the amount of ISM in a small
 sample of radio elliptical galaxies will be measured, plus
 the strength and properties of infrared emission from the
 active nucleus.

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