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==> In this proposal, more time is being requested for FMIRABEL.CAMACTIV
The ongoing analysis of ISOCAM data from FMIRABEL.CAMACTIV on active and
starburst galaxies reveals that the spectral distribution of the energy in the
mid-IR can come from different origins (PAHs, gaseous emission, continuum from
dust), the contribution of each origin being variable from an object to an
other. To identify the origin of the emission, avoiding confusion, we need a
more precise spectral information than the one provided by the broad-band
filters LW2(5-8.5 microns) and LW3(12-18 microns).
Moreover, an other result of the analysis is that the spatial information
remains crucial because these emissions can come either from double nuclei or
from extended emission from starburst or both.
We intend to complete and slightly expand with few objects more the study
undertaken with the FMIRABEL.CAMACTIV proposal of the ISOCAM consortium's
guaranteed time.
For the brightest objects of our sample, we propose to perform observations
with the spectral observing mode of ISOCAM. For fainter objects we propose to
complete our previous observations in broad band filters with a carefully
selected narrow band filter in order to clarify the physical origin of the
detected emission.
Experience obtained with the CAMACTIV observations will be used with benefice
to improve the quality of the new observations by correction of integration
times and observing strategy.

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