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Variability and mass loss are the most characteristic features of
th majority of the stars on the asymptotic giant branch (AGB). The
spectrometers on board of ISO are unique tools to cover both the
relevant molecular bands probing the atmospheric properties and
the dust emission observable at longer wavelengths.
The PI of this proposal was asked by Christoffel Waelkens on behalf of
ISO OTAC to submit a discretionary time proposal on one hand covering
"neclected" groups of AGB-varables and on the other hand adding
complementing spectroscopic data on well studied important groups of
AGB-stars. Emphasis was also put on peculiar and transition objects
maybe carring the keys for understanding the evolution of stars on
and from
the AGB.
To this end SWS and LWS observations of a large number of stars is
planned. The data will be public domain one month after the PI will
receive the final data products. On the www-page
"" a link will point
to a page making the data available for downloading.
The groups of objects forseen for observation are Oxygen- or
Carbon-rich AGB-variables of type Mira, Semiregular (SRa, SRb)
or Irregular (Lb), or are peculiar or transition objects (detached
shells, bipolar ouflows, post-AGB, young PN).

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