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This is a discretionary proposal to perform follow-up SWS Fabry-Perot
observations of highly-excited H2O absorption lines toward Orion-IRc2.
One of the surprises in the recently-obtained full ISO-SWS06 scan of
Orion-IRc2 in the program EVDISHOE.MOLSPECS is the identification of several
H2O lines in ABSORPTION in the 25-45 mu range. All of these lines originate
from levels lying several hundred K above ground. To perform a proper analysis
of the physical and chemical properties of the gas in which these lines
originate, higher-resolution Fabry-Perot observations are needed. Such
observations are currently not planned in any program. The proposed
observations also provide an excellent application (possible highlight) of the
SWS Fabry-Perot mode.

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