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This proposal is the continuation of the proposal "Mass-loss
and evolution of AGB stars in the LMC. A mini-survey",
(PROP-ID : AGB-LMC, OBS-ID : CLOUP). It has been submitted
and accepted at the OTAC meeting helded in September. The
observations required in the first proposal are now achieved. We
have surveyed about half a square degree in the Bar of the
LMC in the LW1 (4-5 microns) and LW10 (12 microns) bands,
divided in 7 (9x9) rasters.
One of the raster, LMC5 (16'x16') has been fully analysed,
and completed by ground-based DENIS observations in the I,
J, and K-short bands. This first analysis shows that we
reach the goals of the proposal. We easily discover with
ISO the AGB stars with significant mass-loss rates. There
are 15 in the LMC5 field, with luminosities ranging from
4,000 to 19,000 Lo. Only 7 of them were detected by IRAS.
AGB stars with fainter or no mass-loss are easily detected
with DENIS, so that we actually get the whole AGB population
in the field, as well as its luminosity distribution. This
is unique, as optical and NIR surveys miss optically thick
objects, while IRAS was very incomplete close to its detection
Here we propose, as a first priority, to extend this survey in the
Small Magellanic Cloud, again in regions of high stellar density
for our statistic purpose. The goal is to compare both Magellanic
Clouds, in particular the effects of the metallicity. As a second
priority we propose to extend a little the survey in the LMC.

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