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 We propose to survey an area of 1/2 square degrees of the Bar
 in the Large Magellanic Cloud with ISOCAM, in the LW10 (12
 microns) and LW1 (4-5 microns) filters. The total time
 requested is 8h36mn.

 Our scientific goal is to estimate the mass-loss rates of a
 statistically complete sample of AGB stars, covering the
 different chemical types and the whole range of mass-loss
 rates, and to compare the results with current theories on
 evolution of AGB stars. This has never been done, and cannot
 be done in our Galaxy because distances are not known. This
 mini-survey will be complemented by IJK' observations of
 DENIS, and by the ISO Central Program proposal of N.Trams et al.
 at longer wavelengths. As the distance of the LMC is known,
 these data will allow to determine the luminosities and mass-
 loss rates of AGB stars. Ground-based instruments are not
 sensitive enough to achieve our goal; an accurate
 determination of the luminosities of AGB stars requires
 data in this wavelength range; two bands are necessary to
 identify them, and to remove foreground stars.

 Due to observational biases and limitations, most AGB stars in
 the LMC with mass-loss rates ranging between 1E-6 and 1E-5
 Mo/yr have not been discovered yet. As a consequence, the only
 possible strategy is to make a survey. Going up to a level of
 4 mJy at 12 microns, we will detect all the stars in the
 thermal pulses stage on the AGB, wheter they are losing
 mass or not. We expect a total of about 1000 AGB stars
 in 1/2 square degree.

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