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 In the Magellanic Clouds, a strong UV radiation field coupled
 with a low metallicity leads to an interstellar medium which is
 quite different from that of the Galaxy. Since systematic mm-wave
 or infrared spectroscopic surveys have not been published, most
 of the chemical and physical consequences remain unknown. We have
 found a molecular line peak with an exceptionally large column
 density of dense gas in the LMC. With interstellar nitrogen being
 highly underabundant and oxygen being only slightly depleted
 relative to Galactic values, we thus propose to carry out a
 detailed study of nitrogen and oxygen bearing species (NH3, OH,
 and H2O) toward this source. The project will be complemented
 by spectroscopic studies at millimeter wavelengths in order to
 provide a basic set of molecular data for the dense ISM of the
 Magellanic Clouds.

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