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We were awarded 41 hours of Priority 3 time for this proposal in the
first ISO call, and we are here requesting that this priority, for a
sub-sample of 50 galaxies of our original sample which reside in the deep
field of the survey, be upgraded.  We propose to carry out far-infrared
observations of a complete and homogeneous sample of 50 galaxies selected
in radio (1.4 GHz) wavelengths to a flux limit of S(1.4)   0.3 mJy,
covering a sub-area of 0.5 square degree of our original survey. To this limit,
a significant number of ultra-luminous infrared galaxies and
Seyferts are expected to be detected. We propose to investigate
if the absence of high-redshift galaxies from deep optical
surveys is due to dust extinction of starforming ellipticals.
Also, Far-infrared observations will be used to estimate the
space densities of different classes of objects in deep radio
surveys and to investigate if the radio-60 micron relation,
found for local galaxies, holds for the fainter, more distant
sources as well. Nature of the excess population, detected in
in optical and far-infrared surveys will also be studied.

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