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 I propose to study the far infrared spectrum of a number of
 bright planetary nebulae in the LMC. SWS will be used to measure
 line fluxes of several emission lines. The continuum
 underneath the line will be determined with PHOT-S. The data
 will be used to determine improved abundances for especially
 neon, which is an important tracer for stellar dredge up. Models
 for the nebulae will be constructed to reproduce both the observed
 optical and IR spectra and the dust spectral energy distribution.
 I will test why
 LMC PN appear to have hotter dust than Galactic PN. For one
 object, which in the past few years has suffered a helium flash,
 dust formation in the hydrogen-poor wind will be studied.
 This object gives a unique opportunity to study the effect
 of a rare late helium flash, as it is only the second time
 such a flash has occured in an observable star  this century.

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