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## (from tabmap V6.0 (2016-08-18)) 2020-08-12T01:04:42
#-- J/other/IBVS/5731 Minima and maxima of 816 variables (Hubscher+, 2006)
#---Table: J/other/IBVS/5731/./notes.dat Codes  (23 records)
#      Code A3     ---   Code number
#      Note A43    ---   Text of the note
  E|CCD- or photoelectric observation
red|reduced results
  1|CCD camera ST-6 chip 375x242 uncoated
  2|CCD camera ST-7
  3|CCD camera ST-7E
  4|CCD camera ST-8E
  5|CCD camera ST-8E chip KAF1602E
  6|CCD camera ST-9 chip 512x512
  7|CCD camera ST-10 XMR/XME
  8|CCD camera Alpha Maxi chip KAF401e
  9|CCD camera OES-LcCCD11
 10|CCD camera OES-LcCCD12
 11|CCD camera Pictor 1616XT
 12|CCD camera Pictor 416XT
 13|CCD camera Starlight Xpress chip 510x256
 14|CCD camera Starlight Xpress chip 752x580
 15|CCD camera Starlight Xpress 716
 16|CCD camera Starlight Xpress SVX M25C
 17|CCD camera Starlight Xpress SXV H9
 18|CCD camera HoLiCam
 19|CCD camera MX716
 20|CCD camera Canon EOS D60
 21|determination of time for the first maximum

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