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## (from tabmap V6.0 (2016-08-18)) 2020-02-26T02:22:34
#-- J/PASP/107/846 LSE stars, extension of Case-Hamburg surveys. (Drilling+ 1995)
#---Table: J/PASP/107/846/./notes.dat Notes (added by B. Skiff)  (37 records)
#       LSE I3     ---   [1,281] Luminous Star Extension number
#      Text A73    ---   Text of note
  2|CPD-19 6065.
  4|Drilling BD error.
  6|CPD-19 7221.
 18|IRAS 19256-2330.
 19|CPD-21 5989.
 21|CPD-23 7609.
 25|large proper motion, metal-poor G/K star, not OB+.
 29|Drilling -3' Dec error.
 45|CF type (G0) wrong.
 46|LSE 46 is possibly misidentified:  the star nearly 1' north is brighter
 46|and (probably) bluer, but the available catalogue data are equivocal.
 57|brighter star of 5" pair.
 66|western star of 12" pair.
 78|CF type (G) wrong.
108|strong H+K and H-beta emission, faint continuum.
121|Drilling has wrong position and magnitude for HD 129929.
125|IRAS (SIMBAD) position poor.
140|strong H+K and Balmer emission, other lines and faint continuum.
146|assumed to be brighter eastern star of 12" pair (western star is red).
161|[CW83] 1735+22 = TD1 32714; Drilling -5' Dec error (i.e. not BD+22 3171).
166|position is for northern star of 12" pair.
204|H-beta/gamma emission.
207|H-gamma/delta emission, faint continuum.
208|H(em?) and faint continuum.
216|H+K and H-gamma/delta emission, strong CaI 4226A absorption, LPV?
217|H-gamma/delta emission.
227|brighter star of 6" pair.
229|H and HeII 4686A emission, faint continuum.
230|H + line near Balmer limit in emission (OB+).
234|Drilling position/magnitude is for a fainter companion.
239|CaI strong, other lines weak.  large proper motion dMe?
240|position from 2001MNRAS.324..580D is wrong, but USNO-A2.0 ID correct.
241|position is for brighter star of 8" pair.
246|large proper motion.
260|H-beta/gamma emission; very red but no IRAS detection.
261|many emission lines (PN with WC nucleus).
274|Drilling position/magnitude is for a fainter companion.

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