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#-- J/ApJS/126/209 Bright SHARC survey cluster catalog (Romer+, 2000)
#---Table: J/ApJS/126/209/./refs.dat References of Table1  (21 records)
#       Ref I2     ---   [1,36] Reference number
#      Text A117   ---   Text of reference
 1|De Vaucouleurs et al., 1991, Cat. <VII/155>
 2|confirmation of redshift provided by P. Rosati, 1999, private communication, and Ebeling et al., 2000, ApJ, submitted
 4|Stocke et al., 1991, Cat. <IX/15>
 5|additional spectroscopy provided by I. Del Antonio
 7|Abell et al., 1989, Cat. <VII/110>
 9|additional redshift information available in Perlman et al., 1998, Cat. <J/AJ/115/1253>
10|Longhetti et al., 1998A&AS..130..267L
13|Carballo et al., 1995MNRAS.277.1312C
14|Huchra et al., 1990, Cat. <J/ApJ/365/66>
15|Slinglend et al., 1998, Cat. <J/ApJS/115/1>
16|Struble & Rood, 1987ApJS...63..543S
23|Zabludoff et al., 1993, Cat. <J/AJ/106/1273>
27|Fairall et al., 1992AJ....103...11F
28|additional redshift information available in Boyle et al., 1995MNRAS.272..462B
29|spectroscopy provided by D. Turnshek and E. Monier
30|spectroscopy provided by I. Del Antonio
31|Perlman et al., 1998, Cat. <J/AJ/115/1253>
32|also known as EXSS 1646.5+8238 (Tucker et al., 1995ApJ...444..532T)
33|also known as "Cluster B" (Reimers et al., 1997A&A...326..489R).
34|Hewitt & Burbidge 1993, Cat. <VII/158>
36|Hickson et al., 1992, Cat. <VII/213>

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