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## (from tabmap V6.0 (2016-08-18)) 2021-10-26T15:00:51
#-- J/ApJS/107/1 Morphologies of distant galaxies II (Abraham+ 1996)
#---Table: J/ApJS/107/1/./notes.dat Notes to table1  (17 records)
#        ID A8     ---   Identification, as in table1
#       --- A1     ---   [:]
#      Text A93    ---   Text of note
ID       Text
uem0-38 :Image shows two nuclei and tidal tails. This is clearly an interacting/merging pair
uem0-45 :No obvious signs of interaction.
uy40-41 :Nucleus too large for Sc classification.
uy40-59 :This is not a low surface brightness spiral.
uy40-60 :No direct evidence for interactions.
ux40-26 :Type Sc assigned because of small nucleus and faint disk. However, no spiral arms are visible
ux40-106:Probably S0 rather than Sc because no arms are visible.
ubi1-31 :No sign of tidal arms, so probably not a merger.
ubi1-64 :Not an image defect.
ueh0-10 :Not as compact as an elliptical.
ucs0-1  :This appears to be a partly resolved Ir galaxy rather than a merger remnant.
uop0-40 :It has a nucleus, so it must be a spiral.
uui0-29 :This is an Sa spiral.
uui0-38 :This may be a partly resolved Ir galaxy.
uui0-51 :Edge-on dwarf irregular. Not an image deSect.
uui0-75 :Merger remnant? Has two nuclei and one spiral arm.
umd4-76 :Appears to be a low surface brightness dE3.

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