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#-- J/A+AS/146/251 Open clusters absolute proper motions. I. (Baumgardt+, 2000)
#---Table: J/A+AS/146/251/./notes.dat Individual notes  (192 records)
#      Name A9     ---   Cluster Name
#      Note A70    ---   Text of the note
Name     |Note
Ber 59   |The star cluster Ber 59 is embedded in the gas and dust complex
Ber 59   |Sharpless 171/NGC 7822. It is called NGC 7822 by some authors, but we
Ber 59   |prefer Lynga's notation.
Col 121  |HIP 33316, HIP 33846, HIP 34444, HIP 34489 and HIP 34954 are
Col 121  |non-members due to their large angular distance from the cluster
Col 121  |centre. On the basis of their proper motions, they may be part of an
Col 121  |unbound association of stars which shares the same kinematics
Col 121  |as Col 121.
Col 132  |It is not clear whether this is a true star cluster, see Claria
Col 132  |(1977A&AS...27..145C) and Eggen (1983AJ.....88..197E). Members and
Col 132  |non-members are taken from Baumgardt (1998A&A...340..402B).
Col 135  |There is some discussion in the literature about the existence of this
Col 135  |cluster. The Hipparcos (<I/239>) data strongly supports its reality,
Col 135  |see Baumgardt (1998A&A...340..402B). Members and non-members are taken
Col 135  |from this work.
Col 140  |The membership of HIP 35905 in this cluster is well established (see
Col 140  |for example Williams, 1978MNRAS.183...49W and Jenkner & Maitzen,
Col 140  |1987A&AS...71..255J). Nevertheless its proper motion deviates strongly
Col 140  |from the other members. We therefore did not use it to determine the
Col 140  |mean cluster motion.
Col 197  |There is an apparent clustering of possible members in the TRC
Col 197  |Catalogue (<I/250>) near ({mu}_{alpha}_*/{mu}_{delta}_)=(-3/9)mas/yr.
Col 197  |Since the proper motion of HIP 42908 is
Col 197  |({mu_{alpha}_*/{mu}_{delta}_)=(-6.85+/-0.82/3.22+/-0.87)mas/yr
Col 197  |it cannot be a member.
Col 359  |The most recent study of this cluster was made by Rucinski
Col 359  |(1987PASP...99..487R), who found 9 probable members and a distance
Col 359  |modulus of V-M_V_=8.2mag. Seven of the possible members are included
Col 359  |in the Hipparcos Catalogue, but only two share a common proper motion.
Col 359  |Three other Hipparcos stars may be additional cluster members, but the
Col 359  |reality of the cluster seems doubtful.
Col 394  |Concerning the membership of BB Sgr (HIP 92491) see the discussion in
Col 394  |the text.
HM 1     |The cluster Havlen-Moffat 1.
Hog 14   |It is not clear whether this cluster exists, see Moffat & Vogt
Hog 14   |(1973A&AS...10..135M). According to these authors, HIP 60863 could be
Hog 14   |a member if the cluster is real.
IC 1848  |The Hipparcos proper motion of HIP 13308 is incompatible with the
IC 1848  |assumption of cluster membership. The star is nevertheless almost
IC 1848  |certainly a cluster member on the basis of its radial velocity (Liu
IC 1848  |et al., 1991AJ....102.1103L) and UBV photometry. In addition its TRC
IC 1848  |proper motion is close  to that of the other members. We therefore
IC 1848  |consider HIP 13308 to be a member but have not used it to derive
IC 1848  |the mean cluster motion.
IC 2395  |The Hipparcos stars show no evidence for a clustering. There is
IC 2395  |however a clustering of the possible members in the TRC Catalogue
IC 2395  |near ({mu}_{alpha}_*/{mu}_{delta}_)=(-4/1)mas/yr. Keeping this in
IC 2395  |mind, we made the classification of the Hipparcos stars.
IC 2944  |HIP 56134, HIP 56890, HIP 56961 and HIP 57057 are not considered to be
IC 2944  |cluster members due to their large angular distance from the cluster
IC 2944  |centre. On the basis of their proper motions, they may be part of an
IC 2944  |unbound association of stars which shares the kinematics of IC 2944.
IC 4665  |HIP 86944 and HIP 87184 are almost certainly members on the basis of
IC 4665  |their radial velocity, ground-based proper motion (Prosser, 1993,
IC 4665  |Cat. <J/AJ/105/1441>) and photometry. In addition their TRC proper
IC 4665  |motions are consistent with cluster membership. The most likely
IC 4665  |explanation is that the Hipparcos proper motions are disturbed by
IC 4665  |binary effects. They were not used to determine the mean cluster
IC 4665  |motion.
Mel 227  |Mel 227 + NGC 1252: These are not open clusters, see the discussion
Mel 227  |in Baumgardt (1998A&A...340..402B).
NGC 1252 |See Mel 227
NGC 654  |HIP 7936 is regarded as a possible member since it has a 92%
NGC 654  |membership probability in the proper motion study of Stone
NGC 654  |(1977A&A....54..803S).
NGC 1647 |Concerning the membership of SZ Tau (HIP 21517) see the discussion in
NGC 1647 |the text.
NGC 1907 |Glushkova & Rastorguev (1991PAZh...17..149G) found several giants with
NGC 1907 |V-magnitudes between 11.9 and 12.5 mag to be cluster members. Except
NGC 1907 |for HIP 25599, all Hipparcos stars are therefore too bright to be
NGC 1907 |cluster members. HIP 25599 may be a cluster member in the blue
NGC 1907 |straggler phase.
NGC 2129 |The existence of this cluster is doubtful, see Pena & Peniche
NGC 2129 |(1994RMxAA..28..139P). However, the radial velocities (Liu et al.,
NGC 2129 |1991AJ....102.1103L) and the proper motions of the two Hipparcos stars
NGC 2129 |agree with each other. This may be a hint for the reality of the
NGC 2129 |cluster.
NGC 2251 |The membership of HIP 31365 in this cluster is uncertain,
NGC 2251 |see Maitzen et al. (1981A&A....96..174M).
NGC 2362 |HIP 35461 was considered to be a cluster member by Perry
NGC 2362 |(1973IAUS...50..192P) on the basis of its UBV photometry. Its
NGC 2362 |Hipparcos proper motion differs considerably from the other stars.
NGC 2362 |Since the star is known to be double, the Hipparcos proper motion may
NGC 2362 |be in error and we have not used it to derive the mean cluster
NGC 2362 |parameters.
NGC 2422 |HIP 36736 and HIP 36773 are not used to determine the mean cluster
NGC 2422 |parameters due to their discrepant proper motions. They are possible
NGC 2422 |members on the basis of their radial velocities, photometry and proper
NGC 2422 |motions in the TRC Catalogue.
NGC 2437 |The proper motion of HIP 37480 is not well determined by Hipparcos.
NGC 2437 |The star seems to be a non-member on the basis of its proper motion in
NGC 2437 |the TRC Catalogue.
NGC 2451A|There is growing evidence for the presence of two star clusters in the
NGC 2451A|field of NGC 2451, see Roeser & Bastian (1994A&A...285..875R), Platais
NGC 2451A|et al. (1996BAAS...28V.822P) and Baumgardt (1998A&A...340..402B). The
NGC 2451A|members and possible members of NGC 2451A are taken from Baumgardt
NGC 2451A|(1998A&A...340..402B). HIP 37450 and HIP 37838 have somewhat
NGC 2451A|discrepant proper motions. Their parallaxes are however close to the
NGC 2451A|cluster mean. Furthermore the large proper motion of NGC 2451A clearly
NGC 2451A|separates the members from the field stars. The two stars are
NGC 2451A|therefore considered to be members.
NGC 2467 |This is not a true star cluster, see Loden (1965ApJ...141..668L,
NGC 2467 |1966ArA.....4...65L) and Feinstein & Vazquez (1989A&AS...77..321F).
NGC 2483 |This is not a true star cluster, see Fitzgerald & Moffat
NGC 2483 |(1975A&AS...20..289F) and Havlen (1976A&A....50..227H).
NGC 2527 |HIP 39574 and 39602 are non-members according to Lindoff
NGC 2527 |(1973A&AS....9..229L). Their proper motions are nevertheless
NGC 2527 |compatible with cluster membership.
NGC 2579 |Lindoff (1968ArA.....5...63L) found 9 possible members but had some
NGC 2579 |doubt concerning the reality of the cluster. We could find 3 possible
NGC 2579 |members in the TRC Catalogue. Their proper motions agree with each
NGC 2579 |other, adding some evidence for the reality of the cluster. HIP 41024
NGC 2579 |is a possible member according to Lindoff (1968ArA.....5...63L), and
NGC 2579 |furthermore its proper motion is in agreement with the two other TRC
NGC 2579 |stars. It may therefore be a member.
NGC 2669 |HIP 43083 is not used to determine the cluster motion. The star is a
NGC 2669 |probable member based on its photometry and its proper motion in the
NGC 2669 |TRC Catalogue. The Hipparcos proper motion however differs
NGC 2669 |significantly from the mean of other members in the TRC Catalogue. The
NGC 2669 |star may be a binary.
NGC 3114 |HIP 49245 has a radial velocity in good agreement with that of other
NGC 3114 |cluster members in the radial velocity study of Amieux & Burnage
NGC 3114 |(1981A&AS...44..101A). Furthermore its photometry is in good agreement
NGC 3114 |with the assumption of a cluster membership. We therefore regard it as
NGC 3114 |a cluster member.
NGC 3324 |The membership of HIP 52004 in this cluster is unclear. It is a
NGC 3324 |foreground star according to Claria (1977A&AS...27..145C), but Forte
NGC 3324 |(1976A&AS...25..271F) considers it to be a member on the basis of its
NGC 3324 |radial velocity and due to an HII shell which surrounds the star and
NGC 3324 |is also connected with the cluster.
NGC 3496 |This is probably not a true star cluster, see Sher
NGC 3496 |(1965MNRAS.129..237S) and Balona & Laney (1995MNRAS.277..250B).
NGC 3496 |Even if there is a cluster in this field, HIP 53743 is probably not a
NGC 3496 |member (Sher, 1965MNRAS.129..237S).
NGC 3572 |The membership of HIP 54606 is uncertain. Schmidt-Kaler
NGC 3572 | (1961ZA.....53....1S) considers the star to be a cluster member,
NGC 3572 | while Moffat & Vogt (1975A&AS...20..125M) do not.
NGC 4337 |The photometry of Moffat & Vogt (1973A&AS...10..135M) casts doubts on
NGC 4337 |the reality of this cluster.
NGC 4755 |HIP 62931 has a 54% membership probability in the proper motion study
NGC 4755 |of King (1981, Syd. Obs. Papers 89). In addition its radial velocity,
NGC 4755 |photometry and central position in the cluster strongly support its
NGC 4755 |membership. We therefore regard it as a cluster member.
NGC 5823 |The membership of both stars is uncertain since they are not well
NGC 5823 |observed. Their photometry is compatible with cluster membership.
NGC 6169 |This is not an open cluster, see Moffat & Vogt (1973A&AS...10..135M).
NGC 6618 |M17. The membership of HIP 89804 is somewhat uncertain. It is a member
NGC 6618 |according to Hobbs (1961AJ.....66..517H).
NGC 6755 |The membership of both stars is somewhat uncertain since the cluster
NGC 6755 |is not well observed. Svolopoulos (1961ApJ...134..612S) considers
NGC 6755 |HIP 93932 to be a member on the basis of its spectral type and
NGC 6755 |photometry.
NGC 6834 |There is no consensus in the literature concerning the membership of
NGC 6834 |HIP 97764 and HIP 97806. Our classification follows the results of
NGC 6834 |Turner (1976AJ.....81.1125T).
NGC 6866 |The proper motions of both stars deviate considerably from each other.
NGC 6866 |However, the  possible members in the TRC Catalogue show a clustering
NGC 6866 |near ({mu}_{alpha}_*/{mu}_{delta}_)=(-2/-5)mas/yr and the proper
NGC 6866 |motions of both stars are compatible with this value. We therefore
NGC 6866 |consider them to be cluster members.
NGC 6883 |The membership of HIP 99437 is very uncertain because the cluster is
NGC 6883 |not well observed.
NGC 7092 |The proper motion difference between HIP 106346 and the other cluster
NGC 7092 |stars is too large to be explained by a statistical fluctuation.
NGC 7092 |HIP 106346 was therefore not used to determine the mean cluster
NGC 7092 |motion.
NGC 7686 |This is probably not a real star cluster, see Johnson
NGC 7686 |(1961LowOB...5..133J) and Becker (1963ZA.....57..117B).
ONC      |The Orion Nebula Cluster. The following three stars were not used to
ONC      |determine the mean cluster motion: HIP 26237, 26258 and 26442. They
ONC      |have proper motions close to the cluster mean in the proper motion
ONC      |study of McNamara et al. (1989AJ.....97.1427M), but their Hipparcos
ONC      |proper motions differ significantly. The most likely explanation is
ONC      |that the Hipparcos proper motion is influenced by binary effects. The
ONC      |proper motions of HIP 26000 and HIP 26199 are very close to the
ONC      |cluster mean in the study of McNamara et al. (1989AJ.....97.1427M).
ONC      |They are therefore considered to be members.
Ros 5    |It is unclear whether this is a true star cluster, see Lee & Perry
Ros 5    |(1971AJ.....76..464L) and Baumgardt (1998A&A...340..402B). The
Ros 5    |possible members are taken from Baumgardt (1998A&A...340..402B).
Rup 98   |On the basis of their proper motions HIP 58411 and HIP 58432 exclude
Rup 98   |each other as members. The mean proper motion of the members in the
Rup 98   |TRC Catalogue strongly supports the membership of HIP 58432. We
Rup 98   |therefore consider HIP 58411 to be a field star.
Tru 18   |Concerning the membership of GH Car (HIP 54621) see the discussion
Tru 18   |in the text.
Tru 24   |The existence of this cluster is doubtful, see the discussion in
Tru 24   |Perry et al. (1991A&AS...90..195P).
Tru 33   |Two cluster members in the TRC Catalogue have proper motions close to
Tru 33   |({mu}_{alpha}_*/{mu}_{delta}_) = (-10.5/-2.5)mas/yr. Therefore, on the
Tru 33   |basis of its proper motion, HIP 90230 cannot be a cluster member.
UPG 1    |This is not a star cluster, see Baumgardt (1998A&A...340..402B).

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