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CAM01 observations are envisaged, both microscanning and staring. 
We believe our observational goals of monitoring the strength
of Cygnus X-3 and searching for the IR counterpart of the
extended radio and X-ray emission are sufficiently different from the
GTO Spring-launch goals of FMirabel that the use of the same AOT
should not trigger any conflict flags.  These are the optimum
observations for our programme.


We propose observations with CAM03 and CAM01 (CAM01 only
for autumn launch so as not to clash with F.Mirabel
proposal) to determine both the mid-infrared spectrum
of Cyg X-3 and to search for extended IR emission
around this source. This unusual IR-bright X-ray binary
(which may be the first Wolf-Rayet + compact object system
identified) has a near-IR continuum which may be
indicative of a dense steallr wind. However, there is
much uncertainty in this data and fluxes from regions further
out in the wind are required. These will give information
on mass-loss rates, wind structure (temp. and density
gradients) etc. This object is both a candidate for the
first W-R + c system discovered, and is the brightest
(when in outburst) of the radio-flaring X-ray binaries with
associated relativistic jets. Thus this source deserves
intensive study at all wavelengths.

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