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The X-ray binary Cygnus X-3 is one of the most enigmatic
object of the Galaxy showing spectacular radio flares and
is a possible source of high energy particles. It is also a key
to understanding the evolution of X-ray binaries since it
may represent an important link between the X-ray massive
binaries and the short orbital systems with important
implications regarding the formation of millisecond pulsars and
low-mass X-ray binaries.
We propose to use the ISO satellite to constrain the exact nature
of the binary system which is not yet elucidated. The source is
heavily absorbed in the optical and becomes visible only in the
infrared. Our scientific goal is to obtain a detailed near infrared
spectrum of the central source and to search for an extended
source as the remnant of an expected heavy mass loss from the
system.  By measuring the (2.5-12microns) spectrum with
ISOPHOT we will be able to determine if the companion is a
low-mass star or a massive Wolf-Rayet star, two possibilities
considered in different theoretical models. The infrared map
provided by ISOCAM will trace the characteristics of the
surrounding medium and reveal possible evidence of
high energy particle interaction.

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