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This is a proposal for public data sollicited by OTAC to perform sensitive
SWS01 and LWS01 scans of important young stellar objects to complete the ISO
data base of such objects.
In spite of the large amount of coordination between the SWS and LWS
instrument teams, a critical inspection of the ISO data base reveals several
important young stellar objects for which no SWS01 and/or complementary LWS01
scans are available or planned. Full wavelength coverage with the SWS and LWS
of such objects forms an important legacy of the ISO mission, and can be used
for a large variety of scientific projects. We propose here SWS01 and LWS01
scans of a number of objects to remedy this situation. The list of objects has
been coordinated by the PI with the community. The data will be made public
within 1 month of receipt from ESA.

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