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#-- V/69 MK, UBV Time and Latitude Stars (Sato+ 1990)
#---Table: V/69/./notes.dat Original notes  (163 records)
#     Label Format Unit  Explanations
#       Seq I3     ---   Star number
#       --- A1     ---   [.+] "+" in the file notadd.dat
#      Star A10    ---   The name of the star concerned
#       --- A1     ---   [:]
#      Text A93    ---   Text of the note.
Seq Star       Text
 15.HD   3883 :previous type (Am, A7m, A5m, AmA3-F2), Z-type (Am(A3-F0-F3)).
 19.HD   4335 :previous type (B9.5IIIp(Hg,Mn), B9p(Hg,Cr)), Z-type (B9p(Si,Mn)).
 21.HD   4778 :previous type (A0p(Cr), A0p(Sr,Cr,Eu)), Z-type (A0p(Sr,Cr,Eu)).
 25.HD   5382 :previous type (A3V, A5IV).
 30.HD   6116 :previous type (A5m:, A5m, A7V), Am suspected, Z-type (A2p(Sr,Cr,Eu)), Ap star.
 32.HD   6582 :previous type (G0IV, G5IV, G5V, G5Vp, G8Vp), Z-type (G5V), MK-standard (G5V).
 33.HD   6664 :previous type (G1V, G0Ia), discrepancy is large, Z-type (G2V), not supergiant.
 37.HD   7034 :previous type (F0V, A8III), discrepancy is large, Z-type (A5III).
 38.HD   7087 :previous type (G8III, K0III, K0Ib), discrepancy is larg, Z-type (K0III), not supergiant,
 38.           MK-standard (G8.5III).
 40.HD   7351 :previous type (M2S, M3IIS), Z-type (M2III(BaII)), general feature is same as M2III,
 40.           but BaII(4554 A) is very strong.
 47.HD   7927 :previous type (A5Ia, F0Ia, F2Ia, F5Ia+F2Ia), Z-type (F0Ia), MK-standard (F0Ia).
 58.HD   9550 :Z-type (Am(A3-A9-F3)), newly classified as metallic line star.
 65.HD  10543 :previous type (A2V, A3V).
 69.HD  11291 :previous type (B9p(Hg,Mn), B8V), Z-type (B9III), Balmer lines are a little narrow,
 69.           but Hg and Mn lines are not seen.
 70.HD  11408 :previous type (A5m:, A3m, AmA3-F2).
 74.HD  11909 :previous type (Kp, K1p, K1III), Kp is questionable, Z-type (G8III).
 80.HD  13137 :previous type (G5III, G8III).
 82.HD  13372 :previous type (Am, A0Vm, A1m:), Z-type (Am(A0-A8-A8)).
 85.HD  14489 :previous type (A2Ia, A2Ib), Z-type (A0Ia), MK-standard (A2Ia).
 86.HD  14662 :previous type (F7Ib, F5I, F8Ib, F8I), Z-type (F8Ib).
 89.HD  15385 :previous type (A6Vm, A5m, AmA7-F2), Z-type (Am(A3-A8-F0)).
 91.HD  15449 :previous type (K2III, K3III).
100.HD  17506 :previous type (K3Ib, K3Ib+B9V), Z-type (K5Ib), MK-standard (K3Ib-II).
105.HD  18296 :previous type (Ap, A0p, B9p(Si)), Z-type (B8p(Si)).
106.HD  18317 :previous type (B9p(Si)), Z-type (B9V), Si-line is not seen.
115.HD  20756 :previous type (B5Vp, B5IV), Z-type (B5III).
119.HD  21661 :previous type (B7V, B8III, B9III), Z-type (B9III).
126.HD  23016 :previous type (B8V(e?), B9V), Z-type (B9V).
127.HD  23193 :previous type (A3III, A4(p), A2m), Am suspected, Z-type (A3V), not Am star.
130.HD  24141 :previous type (AmA5-F0, A5m), Z-type (Am(A3-F0-F0)).
134.HD  25271 :Z-type (Am(A5-F0-F3)), newly classified as metallic line star.
135.HD  25291 :previous type (F0II, F2Ia), discrepancy is large, Z-type (F0II), MK-standard (F0II).
136.HD  25362 :previous type (F4II, F2IV).
139.HD  27322 :previous type (A2V, A3V).
145.HD  29459 :previous type (A4V, A5V).
146.HD  30121 :previous type (Am, A3m, A8IV, AmA3-F2), Z-type (Am(A2-F0-F2)).
150.HD  30614 :previous type (O9.5I, O9.5Ia), Z-type (O9Ib), MK-standard (O9.5Ia).
151.HD  30793 :previous type (K1III-IV, K2III, K1.5III).
152.HD  30959 :previous type (M3S), Z-type (M3III(BaII)), general feature is same as M3III,
152.           but BaII(4554 A) is strong.
156.HD  31910 :previous type (G0Ib, G1Ib-II), Z-type (G0Ib), MK-standard (G1Ib-II).
158.HD  32188 :previous type (A2III, A3III), Z-type (A0III).
161.HD  32549 :previous type (A0p, A0p(Si)), Z-type (B9p(Si)).
162.HD  32784 :Z-type (Am(A7-A7-F5)), newly classified as metallic line star.
177.HD  36371 :previous type (B3I, B3Ia, B3Ib, B5Iab), Z-type (B3Ia).
187.HD  38765 :previous type (K1III, K1IV).
188.HD  38944 :Z-type (M1III), MK-standard (M0III).
190.HD  39283 :previous type (A2p, A2V), Ap suspected, Z-type (A1V), not Ap star.
205.HD  48272 :previous type (A0V, A2V).
216.HD  54895 :Z-type (M3III), MK-standard (M3III).
217.HD  55383 :previous type (K3V, M4III), discrepancy is large, Z-type (M4III), not K-dwarf star.
222.HD  57245 :Z-type (Am(A1-A8-F3)), newly classified as metallic line star.
231.HD  61497 :previous type (A3III, A3IV), Z-type (A2V).
238.HD  64491 :previous type (A3IV, A3p), Z-type (A2II), not Ap star.
241.HD  66552 :previous type (B9.5V, B8V, B9V), Z-type (A0V).
246.HD  68930 :previous type (A5IV, A7IV), Z-type (A3V).
250.HD  71494 :Z-type (Am(A0-A8-A8)), newly classified as metallic line star.
260.HD  75698 :previous type (A2Vm, A4III, AmA1-F0), Z-type (Am(A1-A9-A9)).
262.HD  75896 :previous type (A3III, A2III, A4III), Z-type (A1V).
264.HD  76595 :previous type (A1V, A2V), Z-type (A1V).
266.HD  76756 :previous type (Am, A5m, AmA3-F2), Z-type (Am(A2-A9-A9)).
270.HD  77912 :previous type (G8Ib-II, G7Ib-II), Z-type (G5Ib), MK-standard (G7Ib-II).
278.HD  80492 :Z-type (G4III-K0III), emission is seen in CaII H and K lines.  The spectral types
278.           assigned are scattered between G4III and K0III.
289.HD  83869 :previous type (A1V, B9.5V).
290.HD  83886 :previous type (A5m), Am suspected, Z-type(A2V), not Am star.
298.HD  87141 :previous type (F7IV, F5V), Z-type (F7IV).
300.HD  88230 :previous type (K6V,K7V, K9V), Z-type (K7V), MK-standard (K6V).
303.HD  89010 :Z-type (G2V), MK-standard (G1.5IV-V).
307.HD  89822 :previous type (A0p, A0p(Si,Sr,Hg)), Z-type (A0p(Si,Sr,Hg)), Si and Sr-lines are weak.
326.HD  95310 :previous type (Am, F0m, F0V, F0III), Am suspected, Z-type (F0V), not Am star.
331.HD  96813 :previous type (M3.5III, M5III), Z-type (M4III).
338.HD  98772 :previous type (A1V, A3V), Z-type (A1V).
339.HD  99373 :previous type (F5V, F6IV, F7V).
340.HD  99859 :previous type (A5V, A4m:, AmA3-F0), Am suspected, Z-type (A5V), not Am star.
343.HD  99984 :previous type (F4V, F7III), Z-type (F5V).
345.HD 100215 :previous type (Am?), Z-type (A7V), not Am star.
352.HD 101688 :previous type (F2IV-V, F3V, F2IV).
353.HD 101853 :previous type (G9III, F8IV), F8IV is questionable. The star assigned as F8IV is wrong.
357.HD 102509 :spectroscopic binary. A+G5III-VI is questionable, Z-type(F2IV), CaII HK lines show asymmetry.
361.HD 104513 :previous type (A4m, A7m, AmA5-F0), Z-type (Am(A5-F0-F3)).
362.HD 105601 :previous type (Am), Z-type (Am(A1-A7-F0)).
365.HD 107274 :previous type (K4V, M0III), discrepancy is large, Z-type (M0III), not K dwarf star.
366.HD 107655 :previous type (A0V, A(m?)), Z-type (A0V), not Am star.
367.HD 108346 :previous type (Am, AmA2-A7), Z-type (Am(A1-A9-F2)).
369.HD 108662 :previous type (B9p(Cr,Eu), A0p(Si,Cr)), Z-type (B8p(Si,Cr,Sr)).
375.HD 110066 :previous type (A4p(Sr,Cr,Si), A3p, A0p(Sr,Cr,Eu), A2p), Z-type (A0p(Sr,Cr,Eu)).
378.HD 110834 :previous type (F5III, F6IV).
380.HD 112429 :previous type (A9V, F0V).
382.HD 113436 :previous type (A0V, A3V).
385.HD 116204 :Emission lines are seen in CaII H and K lines. Z-type (K2III).
386.HD 116581 :previous type (M3III, K0III, M4III), K0III is questionable, Z-type (M3III).
391.HD 118214 :previous type ( A0p, A0V, B9V), Z-type (A0V), not Ap star.
394.HD 119126 :previous type (G9III, K0III).
396.HD 119458 :previous type (G5III, G6III).
397.HD 120064 :previous type (F6IV-V, F7III-IV, F8II-III), discrepancies are large, Z-type (F5V).
400.HD 121130 :Z-type (M3III), MK-standard (M3.5III).
401.HD 121297 :Z-type (mean, adopted) (M4III), scatter between M3III-M5III, V-magnitude is variable.
405.HD 122866 :previous type (A0IV, A2V).
407.HD 123782 :Z-type (M1III), MK-standard (M1.5III).
418.HD 127986 :previous type (F8IV, F7IV, F6III).
420.HD 128661 :previous type (F0V), F0V is suspected infered from HD spectral type and UBV, Z-type (A2V).
425.HD 132772 :previous type (F0IV, F2III), Z-type (F0V).
438.HD 136403 :previous type (Am, A2m, AmA3-F0), Z-type (Am(A2-A8-F3)).
439.HD 137389 :previous type (A0p(Si)), Ap suspected, Z-type (A0p(Si, Hg?)), Si and Hg are weak.
444.HD 138338 :previous type (A3m, A3V).
447.HD 139153 :previous type (M1.5III, M2III), Z-type (M1III), MK-standard (M1.5III).
448.HD 139216 :tau 4 Ser, H-beta absorption line is strong. Details are discussed by Sato et al(1978).
452.HD 140232 :previous type (A2m, A8V), Z-type (Am(A2-A5-F3)).
453.HD 140728 :previous type (Ap, A0p(Si,Cr), B9p(Si,Cr)), Z-type (B8p(Si,Cr)).
459.HD 142763 :previous type (B7III, B8III).
460.HD 142908 :previous type (A7III, F0IV), Z-type (F2IV).
463.HD 143806 :Z-type (A0p(Sr,Cr)), newly classified as A-peculiar star.
481.HD 151101 :previous type (K1p, K0III), K1p is questionable, Z-type (K1III), MK-standard (K0III).
482.HD 151199 :previous type (A5p, A3Vp, A2p(Sr)), Z-type (A1p(Sr)).
497.HD 156283 :previous type (K3II), Z-type (K3II), slight outfocus plate (Z-2195-3) shows K3III,
497.           MK-standard (K3II).
499.HD 157049 :previous type (M1III, M2III), Z-type (M1III).
505.HD 160181 :previous type (A0V, A2V).
506.HD 161693 :previous type (B9IV, A2V).
510.HD 163929 :previous type (F0IV, F2III), Z-type (F0V).
516.HD 166894 :Z-type (A1p(Sr,Cr)), newly classified as A-peculiar star.
527.HD 172380 :XY Lyr., previous type (M4-5 Ib-II, M5II), Z-type (M5III), feature of luminosity
527.           class of I -II is not seen ? MK-standard (M4.5-M5II).
532.HD 174481 :previous type (A6V, A7III).
543.HD 180809 :Z-type (K0III), MK-standard (K0II).
552.HD 185171 :Z-type (A7p(Sr,Cr,Eu)), newly classified as A-peculiar star.
555.HD 185958 :previous type (G8II, G8III, G9III), Z-type (K0III), MK-standard (G8III).
565.HD 191096 :previous type (F4V, F6V).
567.HD 192004 :previous type (K3II-III, K2III), Z-type (K2III).
568.HD 192934 :previous type (B9V, B9.5V, A1V, A1IV).
571.HD 193855 :previous type (B2IV, B2III).
573.HD 194480 :Colors differ a litte from the standard of B8V. B8V is assigned first, but more precise
573.           inspection shows earlier type, B5V.  Interstellar CaII HK lines are visible.
582.HD 196753 :previous type (K0II), Z-type (G2III), feature of luminosity class II is not seen.
587.HD 198287 :HD-type is F5-A3.  previous type (A5Iab, A7Ia, A7Iape, F2pe), Z-type (A7Ia).
593.HD 200031 :previous type (G2V, G5III+A, G2Ib:), discrepancy is large, Z-type (G3III).
594.HD 200527 :previous type (M3Ib-II, M4.5III, M4III), Z-type (M3III), feature of luminosity class
594.           Ib-II is not seen, MK-standard (M4.5III).
598.HD 201078 :DT Cyg. Cepheid, previous type (F8Ib-II, F8Iab, F5.5I-II - F7I-II), Z-type (F8Ib-II).
600.HD 202109 :previous type (G8II, G8III), Z-type (K0III), MK-standard (G8III).
605.HD 202850 :previous type (B9Iab, O9Iab, B9Ia), O9Iab is questionable, Z-type (A0Ia),
605.           MK-standard (B9Iab).
609.HD 205011 :previous type (G8Ib, G9III), MK-standard (G9III).
623.HD 209260 :Z-type (B8p(Si)), newly classified as A-peculiar star.
627.HD 209833 :previous type (A0V, B9V).
628.HD 210745 :previous type (K1Ib, K1.5Ib), Z-type (K1Ib), MK-standard (K1.5Ib).
632.HD 211376 :Z-type (G2Ib). Emission line of CaII H is seen in the plate no.1928-1? No emission is seen
632.           in other plates.
640.HD 213918 :previous type (Ap, B9p(Si)), Ap suspected, Z-type (B5III), HeI line is seen,
640.           CaII K line is strong due to interstellar line, reddened B-star.
652.HD 216538 :previous type (B6III, B7III-IV).
655.HD 217476 :previous type (G0Ia, G4var0, G50-Ia), Z-type (G0Ia), MK-standard (G50-Ia).
664.HD 219109 :Z-type (Am(A2-A8-F0)), newly classified as metallic line star.
666.HD 219815 :AN And, previous type (A7m:, A8V, A7V), Am suspected, Z-type (A7V), not Am star.
670.HD 220318 :previous type (B9V, B9.5IV, B9.5V).
673.HD 221364 :previous type (K0III, G8IV).
678.HD 223461 :previous type (Am, A2m, AmA4-F2), Z-type (Am(A2-F0-F0)).
682.HD 224014 :previous type (F8Ia, F8p, FIaep), Z-type (F8Ia), MK-standard (G20var). .
688.HD 225292 :previous type (G8III, G9III).

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