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#-- J/A+A/341/121 Visual binary orbits and masses (Soederhjelm 1999)
#---Table: J/A+A/341/121/./notes.dat Individual notes  (228 records)
#       HIP I6     ---   HIP (Cat. <I/239>) identifier
#      Note A73    ---   Text of the note
   171|Poor HIP sol.
  1242|Too poor astrometric orbit (Ianna et al., 1988AJ.....95.1226I) and too
  1242|few resolved observations (cf. Heintz, 1990Obs...110..131H) to give
  1242|definite orbit. Present solution at least preferable to `X' HIP-sol.
  1674|Uncertain `visual' edge-on orbit.
  2237|High-eccentricity, half-period solution fits equally well but gives too
  2237|high mass-sum (with no third component allowed by q).
  2552|Aa-B triple sol (double (Aa)-B in HIP). Orbit mostly dependent on
  2552|Hershey (1973AJ.....78..935H) pc observations, more IR speckle needed.
  2762|Visual primary is 2.1d SB 1 (#27 in Batten et al., 1989PDAO...17....1B).
  2762|Speckle orbit in Hartkopf et al. (1989AJ.....98.1014H).
  6564|Speckle orbit in Hartkopf et al. (1996AJ....111..370H).
  7372|AB-C triple+var sol (AB in HIP). B is 0.47d ecl bin (BB Scl).
  7580|Speckle orbit in Hartkopf et al. (1996AJ....111..370H).
  7918|Improved pc ({Delta}m>6) orbit combining pg (Lippincott et al. 1983) and
  7918|Hipparcos obs. Scaling by the speckle IR (Henry et al.,
  7918|1992AJ....103.1369H) gives orbit size and mass-ratio.
 10535|Speckle orbit in Hartkopf et al. (1996AJ....111..370H).
 10542|Orbit poorly covered, period rather indeterminate.
 11569|Aa-B-C quadruple solution (AB in HIP). High mass-sum, strangely
 11569|well-behaved speckle obs at {Delta}m=4??
 12390|Speckle orbit in Hartkopf et al. (1989AJ.....98.1014H).
 12717|More speckle obs needed to define orbit.
 14879|Another century needed for apastron coverage.
 14913|AB-C triple solution
 15799|Possible orbit from two widely spaced vis obs + Hipparcos data.
 16602|Cf orbit in McAlister et al. (1992AJ....104.1961M).
 19719|Speckle orbit in Hartkopf et al. (1996AJ....111..370H).
 19758|Half-period solution equally good, but gives large mass-sum. More
 19758|speckle-obs needed (the only existing one erroneous?).
 20087|Hyad(vB 24), cf. Torres et al. (1997ApJ...474..256T).
 20215|Hyad(vB 29).
 20347|The 4d SB 1 (Worley & Heintz, 1983PUSNO..24g...1W) probably spurious.
 20661|Hyad(vB 57), assumed period from Torres et al. (1997ApJ...479..268).
 20686|Hyad(vB 58).
 20885|Hyad(vB 71), G7. III spectrum, assumed period and mass-ratio from
 20885|Torres et al. (1997ApJ...485..167T).
 20916|Hyad(VB 75).
 21280|Hyad(vB 96). High mass-sum, illustrative solution only,
 21280|speckle/spectroscopic orbit needed, cf. Griffin et al.
 21594|K1III spectrum, speckle orbit in Hartkopf et al. (1996AJ....111..370H).
 22505|Hyad(vB 120). Preliminary circular orbit, speckle/spectroscopic orbit
 22505|needed, cf. Griffin et al. (1988AJ.....96..172G).
 22550|Hyad(vB 122). Mass-sum calls for sp subsystem, but RV-ampl <1km/s
 22550|according to Griffin et al. (1988AJ.....96..172G).
 22607|Hyad(vB 124), primary is 143d sp bin (Griffin et al.,
 23395|Visual separations systematically too small.
 23452|Good period, indeterminate a/e/i, more obs needed!.
 23835|Visual and speckle observations at 0.1arcsec separation ruled out as
 23835|spurious by constant RV (Duquennoy and Mayor, 1991A&A...248..485D).
 28442|AB-C triple solution (HIP data unuseable!). Speckle obs needed to
 28442|strengthen orbit.
 28614|Pr 4.4 SB 1, sec 4.8d SB 2 (Fekel, 1980PASP...92..785F), reasonable
 28734|Pr 9.6d SB1 (#377 in Batten et al., 1989PDAO...17....1B), sec K1III
 28734|(Strassmeier & Fekel, 1990A&A...230..389S), mass-sum close to expected.
 29234|High mass-sum, speckle orbit in Hartkopf et al. (1996AJ....111..370H).
 30920|Good resolved solution with the aid of scattered visual+(IR)speckle
 30920|observations. Mass-ratio calculated from pc orbit size (Probst,
 30953|Difficult a/e/i-correlation, more obs needed.
 30953|AB-CD quadruple solution.
 33142|Fixed e,i,{omega},{Omega} from Heintz (1990A&AS...82...65H). Needs
 33142|combined astrometric/visual/Hipparcos solution.
 33449|G5III-IV spectrum. Period poorly determined from old vis obs.
 33451|A few more speckle-obs will strengthen orbit considerably.
 35296|The 94-yr orbit by Heintz (1995ApJS...99..693H) plus the HIP parallax
 35296|gives impossibly small mass-sum. Probably both a and P are much larger
 35296|(no orbit for another century), but motion should be followed.
 36238|Good fit to speckle/Hip, but implausibly large masses even for a
 36238|multiple system. Speckle/spectr sol pending (Hartkopf et al., 1997,
 36238|CHARA Contr. No. 4, (on-line electronic version)). HIP sol spurious.
 38052|Speckle orbit in Hartkopf et al. (1996AJ....111..370H).
 38382|Speckle orbit in Hartkopf et al. (1989AJ.....98.1014H).
 38474|Speckle orbit in Hartkopf et al. (1996AJ....111..370H).
 40167|2-orbit AB-Cc quadruple sol (AB-C in HIP).
 40239|Present {pi}-value adopted instead of poor HIP-value.
 42075|Giant primary according to isochrone fit.
 42748|Period around 100 y, rapid motion at present, more obs needed.
 43109|AB-C triple sol ((AB)-C in HIP). G0III-IV spectr, speckle orb in
 43109|Hartkopf et al. (1996AJ....111..370H)
 43671|Low incl fixed at 15{deg},({Omega}=0). High mass-sum and q=1.5(0.3)
 43671|corroborates secondary 9.1d SB2 (Worley & Heintz, 1983PUSNO..24g...1W).
 44248|Speckle orbit in Hartkopf et al. (1996AJ....111..370H).
 45170|Reversed {Delta}m and slightly larger parallax/smaller masses than in
 45170|the speckle-spectroscopic study by Mason et al. (1996AJ....112..276M).
 45571|Speckle observations needed to refine relative orbit.
 46404|Giant primary according to isochrone fit.
 46454|Giant primary according to isochrone fit.
 47479|Speckle observations needed to confirm orbit. Sp subsystem in sec?
 49868|Poorly determined (long) period, only periastron-part covered.
 51233|G8III-IV spectrum.
 51986|Visual primary is 10d SB2 (#623 in Batten et al., 1989PDAO...17....1B).
 53423|F2III classification probably erroneous.
 53840|Probably 4-5 year period, more speckle observations needed.
 54061|Low incl. fixed at 180 deg, observations lacking near periastron. Giant
 54061|primary according to isochrone fit.
 54155|A-BC triple solution.
 55203|Preliminary Keplerian Aa-B 2-orbit model gives good solution (failure in
 55203|HIP). Many-body perturbations observable but not yet studied. Cf. Aa-Bb
 55203|analysis in Mason et al. (1995AJ....109..332M).
 55266|Primary is 2.6d SB1 (#669 in Batten et al., 1989PDAO...17....1B).
 55266|Mass-sum in fair agreement with Liu et al. (1997ApJ...485..350L)
 55425|A few more speckle obs needed to constrain the eccentricity.
 59816|Indeterminate (long) period, useable a^3^/P^2^. Poor HIP parallax
 60129|Observed parallax corroborates closely the orbital value given by
 60129|Hartkopf et al. (1992AJ....103.1976H). Primary is 72d SB2 (#718 in
 60129|Batten et al., 1989PDAO...17....1B).
 64241|Components reversed rel std sol:s, e.g. in Hartkopf et al.
 64241|(1989AJ.....98.1014H). Poor HIP sol.
 65026|Marginal hints that the the unconfirmed speckle 3:rd comp (Hartkopf et
 65026|al., 1997, CHARA Contr. No. 4, (on-line electronic version)) could be
 65026|real. Mass-sum and mass-ratio (Heintz, 1969AJ.....74..768H) clearly
 65026|requires the primary to be a closer binary.
 65343|Undetermined (long) period in nearby K-dwarf pair.
 66458|A7III spectrum.
 70327|A-BC triple solution (double A-(BC) in HIP).
 70973|Double-period, circular orbit ruled out by speckle obs.
 71683|Difficult for Hipparcos with secondary (=HIP 71681) at edge of the
 71683|sensitivity profile. Present parallax preferable to HIP value.
 71683|Mass-ratio from Kamper and Wesselink (1978AJ.....83.1653K).
 72479|Double-period solution ruled out by speckle observations.
 73182|Hipparcos triple solution together with A (=HIP73184). P,T,e,{omega} and
 73182|q fixed from Duquennoy and Mayor (1988A&A...200..135D), cf orbit in
 73182|Mariotti et al. (1990A&A...230...77M). Poor HIP-sol.
 73695|Secondary is 0.27d W UMa ecl. bin.
 74537|Unresolved by speckle(?), no easy vis+Hipparcos sol.
 75411|More speckle-obs needed to confirm preliminary orbit
 75529|More observations needed to define (~20-year) orbit.
 75695|The speckle-observations and derived masses leave no room for a
 75695|conjectured third component, cf. Kamper et al. (1990AJ....100..239K).
 76852|Half-period orbit ruled out by speckle-obs.
 76952|Speckle orbit in Hartkopf et al. (1989AJ.....98.1014H).
 78662|AB-C triple solution (AB in HIP).
 78727|AB-C triple solution. (Failed HIP sol because of bad pointing with
 78727|C-comp at IFOV edge).
 80199|Poorly determined period, needs many decades yet.
 80460|Strong a/e-correlation, more speckle-obs needed.
 81693|No evidence in the speckle or Hipparcos data for the large-ampl
 81693|third-body orbit given by Baize (1976A&AS...26..177B). Giant primary
 81693|according to isochrone fit.
 82817|Flare M-dwarf (V1054 Oph). Mass-ratio and mass-sum requires secondary to
 82817|be a closer sp bin. Unuseable HIP solution.
 83838|Speckle orbit in Hartkopf et al. (1989AJ.....98.1014H).
 84012|Difficult a/e correlation, needs 20 more years of speckle obs.
 84123|Poor HIP sol.
 84140|Poor HIP-solution, speckle orbit in Hartkopf et al. (1996AJ....111..370H)
 84425|(New) orbit based on few observations, mass-sum too small.
 84709|Good double-sol instead of unuseable HIP-data.
 84949|Period fixed from sp. orbit. Visual secondary is 2.2d ecl bin (V819 Her).
 84949|Mass-sum in agreement with Scarfe et al. (1994AJ....107.1529S)
 85141|High mass-sum, sp duplicity? Speckle orbit in Hartkopf et al.
 86221|AB-C triple solution.
 87204|Speckle orbit in Hartkopf et al. (1996AJ....111..370H).
 87655|Pr is 0.80d W UMa ecl. bin (V 2388 Oph). Speckle orbit in Hartkopf et
 87655|al. (1996AJ....111..370H).
 88404|Primary giant according to isochrone fit.
 88637|Triple sol with C (HIP 88639). Pr is 0.88d ecl. bin (V 772 Her).
 88932|Poor fit for visual observations, speckle needed. Poor HIP sol.
 89908|Almost rectilinear relative motion, long period!.
 89937|P,e fixed from spectroscopy (Tomkin et al., 1987AJ.....93.1236T).
 91394|Speckle orbit in Hartkopf et al. (1989AJ.....98.1014H).
 91395|Unobserved periastron can be covered by speckle in near future.
 94056|More observations needed to define orbit.
 94252|A-BC triple solution.
 94739|Strange (but useable) reference point for the Transit Data due to
 94739|reversed signs for proper motions in the Hipparcos Input Catalog.
 95995|Spurious HIP-sol for fast-moving 1.35 y pair. SB2-sol in Batten et al.,
 95995|1989PDAO...17....1B(# 1162), speckle-spectroscopic orbit worthwile.
 96907|Apastron poorly covered. Speckle orbit in Hartkopf et al.
 97237|Indeterminate (long) period but useable a^3^/P^2^. Missing in HIP
 97237|because of poor Input Catalogue position.
 98001|One component is 155d SB1 (#1187 in Batten et al., 1989PDAO...17....1B).
 98416|Orbit in Hartkopf et al. (1996AJ....111..370H).
101227|More speckle obs needed to cover the orbit.
101750|Visual primary is 0.28d W UMa ecl. bin (VW Cep).
101769|Primary giant according to isochrone fit, speckle orbit in Hartkopf et
101769|al. (1989AJ.....98.1014H).
101955|Visual primary is 920d SB2 (#1253 in Batten et al., 1989PDAO...17....1B).
101958|Speckle orbit in Hartkopf et al. (1989AJ.....98.1014H).
102782|Triple solution together with C (102784), which is clearly optical with
102782|a faulty HIP position.
103655|Visual primary is 3.3d SB2 (#1280 in Batten et al.,
104858|Speckle orbit in Hartkopf et al. (1996AJ....111..370H).
105200|Pr is 4.0d SB2. Mass-sum in good agreement with the complete
105200|speckle-spectroscopic analysis (Fekel et al., 1997AJ....113.1095F).
105431|One component is 2.2d SB1 (#1297 in Batten et al., 1989PDAO...17....1B)
106255|1.9 y (circular) astrometric orbit by McNamara et al.
106255|(1987AJ.....93.1245M) combined with one speckle obs (Blazit et al.,
106255|1987A&AS...71...57B) gives too high mass-sum for this M-dwarf binary.
106255|More (IR) speckle needed.
106811|Marginal detection of 14:th mag secondary, but mass-sum too large and
106811|more GB obs needed to define orbit. (HIP sol is slit-error).
107354|Visual secondary is 6.0d SB1 (#1329 in Batten et al.,
107354|1989PDAO...17....1B). Speckle orbit in Hartkopf et al.
107522|Double-period orbit almost as good fit, but in both cases probable
107522|secondary sub-system. Speckle and spectroscopic obs needed.
107788|Giant (F2 III-IV) class. probably wrong. Speckle orbit in Hartkopf et
107788|al. (1989AJ.....98.1014H).
108431|Illustrative solutions with useable astrometric mass-ratios. Short-P
108431|solution marginally better, but indeterminate with strong
108431|element-correlations. Probably giant primary, more speckle-data needed.
110548|Long period (almost linear motion in definitely physical system).
111293|Wrong object observed by Hipparcos.
111314|Giant (A9 III) classification probably wrong.
111805|Visual sec. is 552d SB2 (Duquennoy, 1987A&A...178..114D). Speckle orbit
111805|in Hartkopf et al. (1996AJ....111..370H).
111965|Long-period (circular) orbit prefered, but strangely low mass-sum,
111965|probably still underestimated a.
111974|Primary giant according to isochrone fit. Speckle orbit in Hartkopf et
111974|al. (1989AJ.....98.1014H).
112915|Giant (K5III) classification probably wrong.
113048|Visual primary is 24d SB1 (#1406 in Batten et al., 1989PDAO...17....1B)
113445|Edge-on system, most speckle-obs `wrong' quadrant.
113996|Speckle orbit in Hartkopf et al. (1996AJ....111..370H).
114222|Visual primary (G2 III) is 557d SB1 (#1425 in Batten et al.,
115126|Triple solution with B (HIP 115125) instead of poor HIP-sol. Pr
115126|overmassive, probably sp. bin., cf. McAlister and Hartkopf
116849|Speckle orbit in Hartkopf et al. (1996AJ....111..370H).
117570|High but rather imprecise mass-sum.

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