VII/26D     Uppsala General Catalogue of Galaxies (UGC)     (Nilson 1973)
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Beginning of ReadMe : VII/26D Uppsala General Catalogue of Galaxies (UGC) (Nilson 1973) ================================================================================ Uppsala General Catalogue of Galaxies (UGC) Nilson P. <Uppsala Astron. Obs. Ann. 6 (1973)> =1973UGC...C......0N (SIMBAD/NED BibCode) ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: Galaxy catalogs Description: The Uppsala General Catalogue of Galaxies (UGC) is an essentially complete catalogue of galaxies to a limiting diameter of 1.0' and/or to a limiting apparent magnitude of 14.5 on the blue prints of the Palomar Observatory Sky Survey (POSS). Coverage is limited to the sky north of declination -02.5degrees. Galaxies smaller than 1.0' in diameter but brighter than 14.5 mag may be included from the Catalogue of Galaxies and of Clusters of Galaxies (CGCG, Zwicky et al. 1961-1968); all such galaxies in the CGCG are included in the UGC. The galaxies are ordered by 1950 right ascension. The catalogue contains descriptions of the galaxies and their surrounding areas, plus conventional system classifications and position angles for flattened galaxies. Galaxy diameters on both the blue and red POSS prints are included and the classifications and descriptions are given in such a way as to provide as accurate an account as possible of the appearance of the galaxies on the prints. Only the data portion of the published UGC is included in the machine-readable version. The order of the records is strictly by UGC number; i.e., the Addenda records follow their main catalogue counterparts in the file. The colons (indicating uncertainty) and various other codes (parentheses, brackets) are not included in the machine-readable version of the catalogue. Several possible improvements to the catalogue might consist of adding codes corresponding to the published version, a second file containing abbreviations and terminology and a third file with the extensive notes. It would also be important to add an asterisk or some other code to data records having a note in the proposed third file. This document describes the machine-readable version of the UGC as distributed by the Astronomical Data Centers. It is intended to enable users to read and process the data without problems or guesswork. For additional details regarding the classifications, measurement of apparent magnitudes, and data content, the source reference should be consulted. A copy of this document should accompany any machine-readable copy of the catalogue.

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